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In a recent backpacking excursion throughout Europe, I found myself in an ongoing dialogue with innumerable Australian itinerants. For many years, I considered Australia nearly devoid of culture, music, and history, being that it’s such an infant nation. (And besides, how often do Australian bands make it to the States?) However, as my 6-month sojourn would soon elucidate, there is much in the way of the Outback-or so the Aussies convinced me-especially when it comes to the natural elements.

I was first struck by the Blue Mountains in a vivid anecdote, recounted by an animated chap in Munich, Germany. His vernacular, infused with that distinct Australian panache, transfixed me, as images of expansive Blue Mountains careened through my fervent mind. Little did I know that the Blue Mountains, named for the incandescent blue hue which pervades the region, is not only a mecca for nature lovers, but also for leisure seekers and cultural buffs as well.

Blue Mountains

Located in the heavily populated state of New South Wales, 48 kilometers west of Sydney, Australia, the Blue Mountains boast an enchanting landscape, one painted with dramatic cliffs, expansive valleys, and glassy, azure lakes. Spanning an impressive 1 million hectares, a large part of which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Blue Mountains broadcast an array of spectacular attractions: numerous national parks, including the Wollebi National Park with its aboriginal sites; The Three Sisters, a famous rock formation that, at a staggering 900 meters, literally mounts the sky; the sweeping Jamison Valley, densely-forested and laden with iridescent waterfalls; the remarkable orifices of The Jenolan Caves, some of the oldest open caverns in the world; and the breathtaking Grose Valley, whose massive gorge astounded even Charles Darwin in 1836.

There is, however, much more to The Blue Mountains than meets the eye; the region is also a cultural enclave, its setting a capacious stage for some of Australia’s most scintillating venues, activities, and cultural events. Far from a cultural vacuum, the bountiful list below illuminates Australia’s captivating pulse-a pulse that puts this presumptuous writer humbly in her place.

Festivals and Events-The Blue Mountains host a bevy of music festivals, including the highly acclaimed Blue Mountain Festival of Folk, Blues, and Roots, a three day festival held in March that showcases innumerable folk, blues, and roots artists. I met an awesome Reputation Management Specialist from Phoenix Arizona here and had a blast! A symphony of guitars, mandolins, fiddles, flutes, pipes, banjos and drums pervades Blue Mountains’ hazy atmosphere as music lovers unite under sky and stars at this incendiary festival. The Blue Mountains also features trail running events like North Face 100; wine sampling at the famed Wines of the West Festival; and several markets and arts and crafts exhibitions throughout the year.

Megalong Blue Mountains

Galleries-The natural world has always inspired art; Walt Whitman, Gary Snyder, and John Muir would surely vouch for that. Contemporary artists in the Blue Mountains similarly follow suit, their idylls expressing unbridled emotion toward the idyllic landscape surrounding them. Thus, disseminated throughout the Blue Mountains is an assemblage of art galleries exhibiting local artists’ works, including Falls Gallery, Jewel Blue Mountains Gallery, and Waragil Studios. Sculptors, photographers, potters, and landscape artists abound in this diverse landscape, making the Blue Mountains a hub for creative spirits and visionaries alike.

Dining-Like the galleries, food and wine similarly abound in this breathtaking setting, constituting an integral element of the Blue Mountains. Boasting an international cuisine amid cinematic panoramas, visitors will titillate their senses at Blue Mountain’s world-class dining facilities. Decadent restaurants include The Rooster, which serves French influenced cuisine overlooking the sweeping Jamison Valley; Echoes Restaurant, an award winning eatery poised along the edge of Blue Mountains National Park; and Solitary, named one of Australia’s top 5 eating destinations by Lonely Planet.

Compounding this comprehensive list is a myriad of sports activities, bushwalking tours and trails, boutiques, and even day spas, making The Blue Mountains a nucleus for adventure, leisure, culture, entertainment and, of course, ethereal beauty.

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Blue Mountains Travel

Blue Mountains Travel – Blue Mountains Accommodation, NSW

By Toni-Ann Liufalani

The Blue Mountains, just 2 hrs from Sydney, is an area of vast wilderness, romantic and peaceful accommodation, fine dining, indulgent shopping, awe-inspiring caves and magnificent national parks. With numerous lookouts, you can enjoy the elegant scenic views of towering escarpments and plummeting waterfalls. The start of the Blue Mountains includes the beautiful villages of Lapstone, Blaxland, Glenbrook, Springwood and Lawson. This area features lovely waterfalls, swimming holes, national park walks and art & craft galleries. On the far reaches of the Blue Mountains, Lithgow & Oberon provides the gateway to the wonders of New South Wales Explorer Country and hosts the Jenolan Caves and Kanangra Walls.

Our wide range of Blue Mountains accommodation lets you explore all the area has to offer: From bushwalking and horse riding, to abseiling and rock sports; from vineyards, to culinary delights; from art galleries, to beautiful scenery and places of Aboriginal cultural significance. We have Blue Mountains luxurious hotels, bed and breakfasts, retreats, health spas, self-catering apartments, and guest houses to suit every budget and holiday need.

Whether taking a bushwalk or the Scenic Skway cable car, our Blue Mountains accommodation is a great base for exploring the breathtaking natural beauty of the area, especially the Jamison Valley, which includes the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls and Mount Solitary. The rugged pristine environment can also be enjoyed and appreciated by taking a paddle wheeler cruise along the scenic Nepean gorge or an abseiling or adventure tour in The Jenolan Caves. Our Blue Mountains accommodation, cottages and holiday homes also make a perfect base for appreciating the art and culture of the area: from antique centres, to arts and crafts displays; from the Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum, to Casey’s vineyard, which specializes in cool climate wine.

The pioneering spirit of the great land can be appreciated at the Megalong Australian Heritage Centre, which is a celebration of Australian rural life where you can learn how to crack a whip, muster, milk a cow and shear a sheep. The Zig Zag Railway is also a stunning monument to the pioneering spirit. Built in the 1860s to enable travelers to be taken to Sydney from the Blue Mountains, the railway was regarded as one of the engineering wonders of the Victorian age. Our Blue Mountains accommodation acts as a great base for exploring the area’s rich Aboriginal cultural history.


The history behind the Three Sisters rock formation is explained by Aboriginal dreamtime myth of three sisters of the Katoomba tribe who fell in love with three brothers of the neighboring Nepean tribe. The unions, where was not permitted under tribal law, and so when a tribal battle broke out a witchdoctor turned the three sisters to stone in an effort to protect them. The spell was unable to be reversed after the witchdoctor was killed and the rock formations of the Three Sisters stand as a reminder of the battle to future generations.

Our Blue Mountains accommodation is great for enjoying one of the area’s various festivals: From the celebration of the change of seasons in late June, the Winter Magic Festival; to celebrations of music, the Blue Mountains Music Festival featuring folk, roots and blues and the Kowmung Music festival, which features chamber music and jazz in unusual venues like limestone caves and cattle sheds. offers different styles and varieties of accommodation: Whichever you choose, the style is warm, welcoming, and refreshing – the service friendly and informal. So book your accommodation online through our site to receive the best rates available on the web! Offers accommodation and hotels of best quality, comfort, and budget, ideal for leisure and business travelers. So plan your holidays in advance and book your accommodation now. For more information and online reservation, please visit our website:

Article Blue Mountains Travel – Blue Mountains Accommodation, NSW