Woods Coach and Horses Inn

Land grants went to John Wood who was a free settler who arrived in 1818.  There was large tracts of land in the Mulgoa area at Bingelly, 1650 acres in two parcels, the largest named Chipping .  The Mulgoa area was taken up as grants from 1810. Early grants in the area also  included those to Gregory Blaxland, John Piper, William Cox, Thomas Jamison, George Panton, John Smith, and  Simeon Lord.

John Wood developed a large pastoral empire west of the Blue Mountains and by 1828 had 4,840 acres in the colony running large stocks of cattle and sheep.

The first land granted in Hartley under Gov Brisbanes order’s were issued in 1823 was to J Birt and R Fellows each receiving 100 acres at Blaxlands Swamp.  It was late in that year that John Wood of Bringelly obtained a ticket of Occupation for 3,000 acres about the same spot only a scrubby hill dividing it from Collitts on the north. 

In 1822 he was appointed to the Committee of the Agricultural Society of New South Wales at the Society's inaugural meeting.

The Agricultural Society of New South Wales was established in 1822. The Society aimed to further the quality of Australia's primary production, staging their first show in Parramatta in 1823. Hawkesbury Agricultural College was established as a result of the Society's movements towards establishing agricultural colleges and experimental farms.

In 1822  he forwarded a Memorial for grant of land & ticket of occupation over the Blue Mountains and was  granted land in 1823. Allowed temporary occupation of land at Blaxland's Swamp for use as a grazing run .

In 1824  he Recommended to be made a Magistrate. By then he held tracts of land at Bringelly.

On Saturday, the 12th instant, the Lady of John Wood, Esq. of Chipping, Bringelly, of a son who was Joseph George

Thursday 24 June 1824



His son, Joseph George Woods, ran an Inn at Hartley that was referred to as Wood's Inn. but listed below as Coach & Horses Joseph married the daughter of Phillip Mycelchrane who owned the inn called the Eagle and Child.

 (ANNIE MYLECHARANE,  m. JOSEPH GEORGE WOOD, 27 March, 1849, Bowenfels by ,Rev Colin Stewart)

Their Children were:

  1. Has Children Mary Jane Bolton WOOD b: 19 Dec 1849 in Hartley,N.S.W.,Australia
  2. Has No Children Sarah Ann WOOD b: 1851 in Bathurst,N.S.W.,Australia
  3. Has No Children George Philip WOOD b: 1852 in Kelso,N.S.W.,Australia
  4. Has Children Philip Valentine WOOD b: 14 Feb 1854 in Coach & Horses Inn, Hartley, New South Wales, Australia
  5. Has Children Amanda Josephine WOOD b: 1856 in Bingalong, New South Wales, Australia
  6. Has Children James Joseph WOOD b: 1857 in Bingalong, New South Wales, Australia
  7. Has No Children John Thomas WOOD b: 1858 in Bingalong, New South Wales, Australia
  8. Has Children William M. WOOD b: 1859 in Bingalong, New South Wales, Australia
  9. Has No Children Elizabeth Kate "Betty" WOOD b: 25 Apr 1861 in Grenfell, New South Wales, Australia
  10. Has No Children Ellen Jane WOOD b: 1862 in Bingalong, New South Wales, Australia
  11. Has Children Annie WOOD b: 1864 in Bingalong, New South Wales, Australia
  12. Has No Children Inez E.R WOOD b: 1867 in Bingalong, New South Wales, Australia


Annie died aged 80 on 11th Jan 1906 at  Waverly of heart failure and old age.  Joseph 21 Jun 1900 in Warren of Heart Disease Annie had been born on the 21 Dec 1826 in Ballaugh, Isle Of MAN, England



 Josephs Brother John Butler Wood married  Elizabeth "Betsy" MYLECHARANE  22 Oct 1849 in Carcoar,
Wittnesses- Joseph Wood of Brudendah and Mary A Rotton  of  Bathurst. Minister- P.P. Agnew, Church Of England.


WOOD J. B. squatter Brundah Grenfell
WOOD John sen. station manager Brundah Grenfell

WOOD, WILLIAM HENRY O'MALLEY (1856-1941), surveyor and banker, was born on 15 June 1856 at his family's station, Brundah, near Grenfell, New South Wales, fifth of fourteen children of John Butler Wood, a native-born pastoralist, and his wife Elizabeth, née Mylecharane, born at sea en route to Australia.

William was an unhappy boarder at Sydney Grammar School in 1866-68. After returning to Brundah, he worked as a farmer, drover and storekeeper and adopted the surname 'O'Malley Wood' to distinguish himself from other William Woods.




WOOD, Joseph George
Birth : 12 Jun 1824 Chipping   NSW
Death : 21 Jun 1900 Warren NSW
Gender: Male

Father: WOOD, John
Mother: BOLTON, Mary Jane


Marriage: 27 Mar 1849 in Bowenfels NSW

Birth : 21 Dec 1826 Ballaugh, Isle of Man
Death : 11 Jan 1906 Waverley NSW
Gender: Female

Father: MYLECHARANE, Philip
Mother: COWELL, Esther


WOOD, Mary Jane Bolton
Birth : 1849 Bathurst, NSW
Death : 1894 Wagga Wagga NSW
Gender: Female
WOOD, Sarah Ann
Birth : 1851 Bathurst, NSW
Death : 22 Jan 1853 Bowenfels NSW
Gender: Female
WOOD, George Philip
Birth : 1852 Kelso NSW
Death : 1872 Forbes NSW
Gender: Male
WOOD, Philip Valentine
WOOD, Amanda Josephine
Birth : 1856
Gender: Female
WOOD, James Joseph
WOOD, John Thomas
Birth : 1858 Binalong NSW
Gender: Male
WOOD, William
WOOD, Elizabeth Kate
Birth : 1861
Gender: Female
WOOD, Ellen Jane
Birth : 1862 Binnalong NSW
Gender: Female
WOOD, Inez E R
Birth : 1867 Forbes NSW
Gender: Male

WOOD, John Butler
Birth : 3 Feb 1819 Castlereagh NSW
Death : 15 Mar 1917 Milsons Point NSW
Gender: Male

Father: WOOD, John
Mother: BOLTON, Mary Jane


Marriage: 22 Oct 1849 in Carcoar NSW

Birth : 29 Oct 1832 Sydney NSW
Death : 12 Oct 1903 Sydney NSW
Gender: Female

Birth : 29 Apr 1798 Jurby, Isle of Man
Death : 31 Oct 1852 South Bowenfels, Hartley NSW
Gender: Male

Birth : 7 Jul 1761 Jurby, Isle of Man
Death : ABT. 1809
Gender: Male

Mother: QUAYLE, Anne


MYLECHARANE, William Philip
Birth : 1834 Parramatta NSW
Death : 22 Sep 1877 Cudgels NSW
Gender: Male
Birth : 14 May 1841 Hartley NSW
Death : 19 Apr 1878 Grenfell NSW
Gender: Male
MYLECHARANE, Albert Alexander
MYLECHARANE, Joseph George


Marriage: 15 Nov 1856 in HARTLEY, NSW

MARTIN, Edward
Birth : 1819
Death : 25 Mar 1862 BOWENFELS
Gender: Male


Marriage: 1864

GLENLYON, Alexander
Gender: Male



  • GOLDEN WEDDING. Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 28th March 1899.
    MYLECHARANE - Wood; At Hassan's Walls, Hartley March 27th 1849 by special licence by Rev. Colin Stewart, Annie Mylecharane, eldest daughter of Phillip Mylecharane, Third son of Rev Thos. Mylecharane, rector parish Ballaugh, Isle of Man and Esther Mylecharane, youngest daughter of Elizabeth and Daniel Cowell, member of "House of Keys" in Douglas, to Joseph George Woods, second son of John Wood Esq. formerly Director in the Bank of London, later resident of Chipping, Lowther Park and Brundah N.S.W., and Mary Jane Wood only daughter of Colonel Bolton and the Hon. Mary Butler-Bolton, Kilkenny Castle, House of Ormond, Ireland.

    Many Thanks to Notes from "Mylecharane - Wood Chronicles" sent by M Hunter 10/3/2009
    Mylecharane - Wood Chronicles - Feb 1991

    You Cannot Always Believe What You Read in the Papers OR
    The Very Misleading Golden Wedding Announcements
    By Stan Fitzpatrick
    1. There seems to be no record, on the Isle of Man or elsewhere, of any Mylecharane being a 'rector of Ballaugh' at any time.
    2. 'Our' Philip was not the third son of Thomas Mylecharane. He was the second son of a Philip Mylecharane and Ann Quayle. Furthermore, his grandfather was also a Philip Mylecharane, the husband of Jane Cain.
    3. Esther Mylecharane was a daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Cowell (nee Kelley), but she was not the youngest, her sister Mary was.
    4. The records of the House of Keys (the Manx parliament) show no Daniel Cowell as having ever been a member. It seems highly unlikely. Esther was illiterate and, as you will in another story, two of her sisters were transported to NSW as convicts.........
    6. Mary Jane Wood was not the 'only' daughter of George Bolton....
    7. ...he [George] was never a Colonel.....
    8. Mary Jane Wood's mother was not the 'Hon. Mary Butler-Bolton etc.' Mary''s mother was Alice Leek, who was the daughter of William Leek and Agnes Butler, who had nothing to do with the Ormond Butlers!

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    before returning to New South Wales in August 1852 in the Louisa. On 10 November 1853 at Cobbity in the presence of Cowper he married Christiana Eliza (d.1889), daughter of Lieutenant John Wood, R.N.
    Marriage 1876

    CA-TELLI-WOOD-July 24, at St. Leonards Chinch. Noith

    Snoie, bv the Rev. Denn Ronny, Potci Antonia, second son of M. A Cnstclli Esq . to Rebecci Aland Mary Jane Wood, second dau.rhtci of the lito J. P. Wood, Esq


    Sunv-von.-Mr, J. P. Wood has been appointed a surveyor of the scoond class in tho department of tho Surveyor-General. 1858
    No. 019. By John Wood, settler, Lowther Park, to 100 acres of land promisid by Sir 'I humas Brisbane lo Richnid Ftllows, described us follow«: situate in the county of Westmoreland, parish unnamed, Blax- land'» Swamp, bounded on the soulh by John Wood land, commencing nt Lowther Creek, on Hie cast by a line north, on the north by a line west lo said Creek, und on the west by that Creek.

    Monday 23 June 1834

    No. 759 by John Wood, of lluntei-sticct, Sydney, diaper, to u pleco ol pnrcel of I.Hld, pi omi'.eil by Governor King to Jumes Petts , cleve,Hied in follows;

    situate, on the northern side- of Hnulci-tti-it, hound ed on the south Is Hint moil 1 chain 25 link«, on the easl hy n line iioitlieily t chain 58 links, on Hie ninth bv H hue w esleí l\ 7t links, mid on the we«t hy it line Miutliriit to Hie eoniineiiciiiir eorner 1 chain links.

    No. 7C0. Hy John Wood, of llniilci-slie. 1, Sidney, di «pci, to n piece or pnicel oflnnil, churned by pns se-siou exceeding 20 jeai«, described ns tullo« s : st luiite rt the ci mci ol O'Connell-'tictt lind Hunter, siren, in the low n of Svdnej, bounded on Hie north bv mi allotment nrigmnllv «muled lo Laurence Bindi, but now the piopcrlv of the said John Wood, on the west hy O Connel l-tli eel, on Hie um III hy Hunter street, 1 chum 2 mid a bull links, mid on Hie rust by premises oí Join. Fawell.

    No. 761. Bv John -Wood, of Kuntcr-strcet, Sjdney, diaper, to 9 mid H hull tods of land, promised by Governor Darling ti, Charles J hompson, de eribtd us follows: silunte- in U'Cuuiisllslieel, bounded on the 1101 Hi-west bv U'Cniiiiell-«lriel47 links, on the mu th- en« by 11 lum 120 links, on the »milli-enst by pall of the ninth-west bouudniy ol Wood's pictnises47 links, and 011 til« small-went hy u line tu ü'Cuiiuell sucel


    No. 71)2. By John Wood, of Hunter-street, Sj liney, druper, lo a piece or pnrcel of land, pioniibcd bj Go vernor King lu Lum euee Buurj , siluule and bl lug in O'Connell-slieei, bounded on'Hie mu III by mi allot, mem leased from the Crown to Cluu les Thomson, on Hie south bj mhei premises ot the stud John Wood, lute the piopertj of.Mr. Samuel Tci ty, oil the east by o her piemi'es of said John Woud, and on llie west by O'Connell-sireel.

    Thursday 17 July 1834


    .To be Sold by Private Contract,

    ABOUT nine hundred acres of capital grass land, well watered at all sea sons, and fenced in with a ring-fence, known by the name of East Chipping, South Creek ;

    bounded by the' lands of G. T. SAVAGE, G. WENTWORTH, and H. BAYLY, Esqrs., and Messrs. CCOPER anhd LEVEY'S respectively, a quantity has been cleared at each end, and adjoining G. T. SAVAGE, Esq. three small paddocks divi ded.

    For particulars apply to Mr. JOHN WooD, of Lowther, near Cox's River, the owner, or Messrs. Cooran and LEVaw, Sydney. June 3, 1831.

    In the Court of Commissioners for   Claims to Grants of Land

    No 11.

    Mr Mansfield has the pleasure of announcing, that since the publication of his former Advertisements, hehas succeeded in establishing the following CLAIMS to DEEDS of GRANT under the GREAT SEAL of the Colony, the decisions of the Com- missioners having been given in favour of the Claimants: No.

    619. John Wood, Esq., of Lowther Park, to 100 acres ot Blnxland's Swamp, West- moreland, promised to Richard Fellows.

    643. Ditto, ditto, to 100 acres at the same place, promised to John Birt.

    Thursday 7 January 1836


    THE Commissioners for hearing and determining upon Claims to Grants of Land,  within the colony of New South Wales, under the Act of the Governor and Council 4th William IV No. 9, do hereby give Notice, that the following Claims have been filed with their Secretary:- To wit: No. 643. By John Wood, settler, Lowther Park, to 100 acres of land, promised by Sir Thomas Brisbane to John Birt, desscibed as follows : situated in the county of Westmoreland, parish unnamed, Blaxland Swamp, bounded on the south by R. Fellows, 100 acres, on the east by a hue north, on the north by a Hue west, and on the-west by the creek.


    In the latest Bibliophile catalogue (No. 95, Australiana) there is
    listed item 114, Land grant. 150 acres at Bringelly (just south of
    Sydney) Granted on the 13th day of June 1823, 150 acres in the district
    of Bringelly to John WOOD. The grant is signed by Governor Thos.
    Brisbane, handwritten and printed on vellum complete with paper seal.
    This land grant document is selling for $1045.00.

    If there are any descendants of John Wood who are interested in this
    document contact Bibliophile at 24A Glenmore Road Paddington on (02)9331