The Woodman  For Sale 1839
The Sydney Herald (NSW : 1831-1842) Wednesday 5 June 1839 p 3 Advertising



Twenty of which are Cleared and lit for Cultivation, situate in the Twenty Mile Hollow, on the Bathurst Mountain Road, together with pellbuilt Stone and Wood House, on the Road side, known by the sign of " The Woodman " which is Licensed, and comprises nine excellent Rooms, Stabling for Six Horses, Store, Stock, and Sheep Yards, &e. &e ; with n productive Garden and an over-flowing Spring of Pure Waten

^The Auctioneer is aware, that in calling public notice to the above invaluable Property, it is scarcely necessary to point out the value of its situation. The convenience and extent of the Premises, render it one of the best adapted Houses on the Roads, for a " Travellers Inn," and the beauty of the scenery, commanding ex-tensive views of the Eastern and Southern parts of the Colony, Campbelltown, and the Hawkesbury, form as complete a retreat as could be desired.

Any young couple, with enterprise and a small capital, might here ensure to themselves a rapid independence, as the House must command anextensive trade.

Twenty Acres of the Land are cleared, and may be cropped immediately, and with a little more clearance, the Proprietor might grow Hay and Corn" suffcient for the supply of his Stables.

The Title is a Grant from the Crown.

Terms liberal, and a part of the money may remain on Mortgage.