Sarah Collits  - Watkins Scott
  Sarah was born in England in1797   and come out with Pierce and Mary and her sister.  She married John Watkins on 9 September 1816 and they had 3 children.  
  • James Watkins  8 Aug 1817, d. 5 Oct 1853
  • Mary Ann Watkins  b. 6 Jun 1819
  • Maria Watkins  b. 14 Mar 1821

John Watkins held a responsible position as  the Constable and Pound-keeper on the South Creek and Western Road, while her father,  Pierce Collits, was the Constable, Pound-keeper, and Inspector of Cattle for Slaughter,on the River Nepean.

Just prior to the birth of her daughter Maria, Michael Scott arrived in the household  in January 1821. She then  took up with Michael Scott who had arrived in 1821 and was applied to Sarah as a convict.    She was to bear to him 9 children - the first being in 1823. John was rightly outraged and placed the following advertisement. 


 NOTICE. -Whereas my Wife, Sarah Watkins, has left her home without any cause or provocation whatever, and that in a most outrageous manner, this is to caution ali Persons agaimt Crediting her, as I ívill not be responsible for any Debt or Debts she so contracted. John Watkins.

 Friday 15 February 1822

Michael Scott was Irish  and a Roman Catholic. In the 1822 muster he was listed as a Government Servant, Employer J Colletts.

She married him  on 1 January 1846 after John Watkins died in 1844. at the Vale of Clwyd,    Michael was listby then as a  Farmer,

(Witness) Note25 January 1825 NSW, Australia,

The Certificate of Michael Scott of Grace for a Ticket of Leave
We hereby Certify that Michael Scott who came by the Ship Prince Regent which arrived in the year One thousand eight hundred and twenty one has not been convicted of any Crime or misdemeanor in the Colony but is to our certain belief, a sober, honest, and industious character having served faithfully Sarah Watkins residing in the District of Evan, from the 19th day of January 1821 to the 25th day of January 1825
Jullian Henry Resident Magistrate
Henry Fulton Clergyman of the District
Sarah Watkins Mistress, Principal=Michael Scott6

Hi Ticket of Leave was revoked "Taken away by the Penrith Bench the holder having been Convicted of Pig Stealing for which he was Sentenced to have his term of transportation extended two years on the 20 June 1826 and torn up the 24th of the same month". He did not obtain his Certificate of Freedom till April 1829.

  1. Ann Scott b. c 1823, d. 17 Mar 1863
  2. Elizabeth Scott9 b. c 1824, d. 18 Mar 1863
  3. Sophia Scott b. c 1824
  4. Michael Scott b. 11 Oct 1826, d. Mar 1849
  5. Ellen Scott b. c 1830
  6. Georgina Scott b. c 1831
  7. Joseph Scott+1 b. c 1832, d. 3 Sep 1875
  8. William Scott9 b. a 1832, d. 12 Feb 1863
  9. Sarah Scott+11 b. 6 Jun 1840, d. 14 Feb 1922  Wesleyan Methodist


 In the 1828 Census  the records reveals Joseph Collits was the Head of the Household , Sarah was living there with 4 children, Michael was not to be seen, being returned to Government service for pig stealing!  The other   children are residing at Mount York with their grandparents,  as well as her husband John Watkins. Interesting relationships in those days!.

The Census for 1828 Colletts Farm, Nepean, NSW, Australia, Joseph Colletts, 20, BC, Protestant,,,, Blacksmith

Sarah Watkins, 30, BC,,,, Housekeeper
Ann Watkins, 6, BC
Elizabeth Scott, 4, BC,,,, Twin to Sophia 
Sophia Scott, 4, BC,,, Twin to Elizabeth
Michael Scott, 2, BC
William Hawthorn, 40, FS,, Martha, 1818,, Labourer

20 Acres cleared and cultivated
12 cattle and 2 horses, Head=Joseph Collits

The Farm was then advertised for sale in 1829, so the family moved. Joseph went to........??  and Sarah and the children went to ????.

TO BE SOLD by Private Contract, a valuable FARM, on the Banks of the Nepean, in the District of Evan, known by the Name of Collitts' Farm, consisting of 50 Acres of excellent Land, all stumped and fenced, with a capital substantial weather-boarded and shingled   dwelling, kitchen, and stores detached, granary, stabling, piggery, barn, huts, &c.   &c. &c. well worth attention, as a valuable acquisition to a newly arrived family. For further information, apply to Mr. PIERCE COLLITTS, Mount York. The Premises can viewed at any time, by applying to Mr. Edward Field, resident on the same. May 26th, 1829.  

Edward Field Senr had died on 21 January, Edward Field who had married  Maria Strickland (nee Collits) 6.10.1817 at Castlereagh. She died on 21st September 1829 aged 33 years and was buried at  Castlereagh. Edward and Maria had 7 children and she had 3 children to Phillip Strickland, bring the total to 10 at the time of her death.

His eldest son Edward Field (b: 16.9.1798) was operating an Inn at Castlereagh. The Parish Register states: Edward Field, Innkeeper of Castlereagh, buried 9th December 1846. 

The 1828 census records Edward as holding property totalling 150 acres, 100 of which were cleared and 66 acres cultivated. He owned 19 horses, 130 head of cattle and 260 sheep, and employed five labourers. The 120 acres held by Edward on the River Lett at Hartley Vale must have been acquired after the census. Similarly his inn, the Blacksmith's Arms, on the Nepean.

But when he sat down to make his will early in 1846, the only property he had to dispose of was 80 acres adjacent to his father's first grant on the Nepean. In fact, part of his holdings may have included a portion of his father's property. There is no mention of an inn, although his will describes him as a licensed victualler and grazier.

The Australian (Sydney, NSW : 1824-1848), Tuesday 26 June 1838


Edward Field in  1822,  was recorded as a landowner in the Castlereagh area with 40 acres, about 28 acres sown in wheat, maize, peas, beans, potatoes, orchard and garden with 40 bushels of maize held in store. Livestock included 2 horses, 2 cattle and 25 pigs, reflecting a modest level of prosperity. His fortunes continued to improve when in August 1824, he petitioned the Governor for additional land to keep his two horses and an increasing herd of cattle. He was supplying the Government with potatoes.


In the Districts of Evan and Castlereagh,-Pierce Collits, Constable, Pound-keeper, and Inspector of Cattle for Slaughter, on the River Nepean, near Castlereagh.

 John Watkins, Constable and Pound-keeper on the South Creek and Western Road.

Mr. Strange, of Emu Plains, The Mountaineer Inn, rejected ; fr Evans, of the Eiu Inn, Eiuu 1'lnina, ejected !

Mr Thomas Huilley of tlio Australian nn. successful s

Mr George Turner, to keep tho A-d llyron Hotel, on Lapstono Hill, tho pro. erty of Mr T. A. Salmon, of Tin- Rose Inn, 'einitli, successful ! Mr Edward Field, n new applicant, unsuccessful