Sale of Mt Victoria Inn
David Jones of Mt Victoria on the 8th July 1893 Stated in a Declaration..

that land contained in before abstracted grant was held by said William Cummings for fourteen years and was rented and held by himself as his tenant for six years during years 1851 and 1857.

That the description contained in before abstracted conveyance of 2 February, 1878 was that of the land formerly occupied by said William Cummings and subsequently by himself as his tenant as was as described in before abstracted conveyance and was identical with the land described in said grant but contained in excess 19 acres. 

Duly declared and signed.


25th May 1922.

BY INDENTURE of Conveyance of this date made between John William  Berhofer therein described and thereinafter called Vendor and of the one part and Johnannes Joachim Ferdinand Klussendorf therein and thereinafter called Purchaser of the other part.

 IT WAS WITNESSED that in consideration of the the sum of L1200 by the said purchaser to the said Vendor the receipt etc.  H e the said Vendor as beneficial owner did thereby convey unto the said purchaser in fee simple

ALL THAT piece of land situate lying and being in the Parish of Hartley and County of Cook in the Colony of New South Wales commencing at the South West corner of Portion 115 J.H Neale seventy three acres and bounded thence by a line bearing South thirty four minutes Was fifty five chains nine links thence south eight nine degrees twenty seven minutes east twenty