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Built  between 1830 and 1845 by Joseph Collitts originally as a home, then was used as an Inn.  The Rose Inn had a very  profitable period of trading before it was closed as an Cobb & Co staging  inn in 1873 once travel by  railways was introduced.

The Collits family came to the Hartley Valley in 1823 when Pierce Collits erected his Golden Fleece Inn in Hartley Vale at the base of the Mt York   Then Major Mitchel decided to build a new road down off the mountain and commenced  building the Victoria Pass and the Collits Inn at Hartley Vale was compensated for loss of trade with various grants of land in the area.

The Rose Inn was first recorded as having a license in 1846 to Joseph Collits and then several licensees operated the Inn.

Back in the 1870's the panorama shows a total of 9 buildings on the site with a silo for the flour mill which Joseph operated.  It was very prosperous to be able to supply both flour and ale, meat and lodgings to the travelers seeking their fortune on the goldfields and Joseph and the licensees all did very well from the boom in gold.

The original kitchen has been demolished early this century after serving as a private schoolhouse. All the other buildings have also been demolished as the clay bricks made from the local clay did not weather very well as can be seen in the remaining chimneys.  See images of the past

There were three main rooms, with 12 smaller accommodations under the main roof,  with a large detached kitchen, an servants quarters, a hay stable, a coaching stable, a meat room, a milking room, a woolshed, an a flour mill. The interior walls are 22inch thick sandstone faced with claybricks made on the property. Some of the original ceilings made from lather and plaster are still in place while others have been replaced with pressed metal early in the 1900's.  This is a fine example of early Georgian construction with its shorter doors, many fireplaces 12 paned windows and wide skirting boards.

It was sold to various owners and became quite run down till the Morrisons undertook major renovations in 1967 and won an award for the restorations.   (The award was a Certificate of Merit issued from the National Trust and John Fairfax Newspaper ) . Jim & Sandra Dicker bought the property in the 70's - (Joe and Carol Dicker still live across the road in the historic 1832 Harp of Erin Inn now operating as a unique gallery)Gary and Glenda Lane bought the property in 1999.

Currently daughter Fiona and husband Sean Richardson along with their three children are keen to see the fine old building take on a new lease of life as a restaurant.  

When one buys an old building it kindles an interest in the people and their lives in a era unknown and stimulates the imagination once you start walking down the halls filled with their memories.

The  Inn is  now open to the public to enjoy this fine old building and now you can share part of the grandeur and simple elegance that  was once enjoyed.

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    The Restaurant is now open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. (Bookings  advisable) Ph 63 55 22 66
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This is a website  that is in the process of being developed with  information about  Heritage & History in the Hartley Valley,  and needs assistance and input from other researchers.

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