The Reward of 640 Acres

The road  across the Mountains was proving to be tenuous.  The colonists were constantly complaining aos the Gov offered a reward for a better line of Road.  This was prior to Mitchell being appointed.. James Collets pointed out the new line of road, as the Colllits had been granted a License to pasture on the banks of the Cox's River.  


Colonial srcbi'taiiv's OFFicp, auoi'st ia, 1827.


T bring desirable, to ns-crtuin whether

then' is a shoitiT or morn convenient Kou*e to Bathurst, than that, by the present Road; IT IS HEREBY NOTIFIED, that any free I'irsov, who shall ╗ive Infor- mation to the Siuvryor <f Hoads, who is station-d at LV.rrannilta, ol' an> new Line, whir!', on Examination, i' may be di mud expedient to adopt as tlie Direction of the Public Road to Bathurst, will be rewarded by a Grant of Land, Cattle, or such oilier lensonable Indulgence as may bpprefernd.

It is to be understood, that tie great Object is 'o avoid, ii possible, Mounts York and Blaxland, the Passage of which presents ser cms Impediment* to tlie Coir.╗ mnnicatioii with 'he Couu'iy beyond the

Blue Mountains.

Ticket of Leave Men, ami other Priserers of the Crown, will be lewarded for the Dis- covery alluded to, in a Magner appropiiate to their Situations. But it must be distinctly understood, that the present Noti fbatit n does fot furiiish any assigned Ser- vant with a Pretence for neglecting h s immediate Duty, ami that no Attention will be paid to any Communient on from such Servant, which is not made tluough'his Master.

It being supposed that S ockrnen, who have had Charge of Cattle in the Neií┐h bouihood of the Mountains, may, from their local Employment, be able to afford some useful Information with Respect to the Nature of the Country, the Governor is satisfied, that considering the Importance of the Object to the Public, the Masters . I such Stockmen will che rfully encourage their Exertions.

Puisons, claiming Hie Reward p'opos d, will be expected tu furnish th- S;t> vey>r of Roads with tlie necessary P.irtinila's respecting the Country thr ugh which the proposed Line would piss-whether swampy or intersect'd by Streams or Rivers; if the Banks are rocky ; \\h> ther the Country is lightly or hemly timbered; and any othtr Particulars connected with the Object in View.

By His Excellency's Command,


<&0bcrtnnent .Ootirr.

Colonial Secretary's Office,

11th August, 1827

Monday 20 August 1827,