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Life was not all work in the Hartley Valley. One thing the colonists really loved and that was horse racing. 

Five Dock Grand Steeple Chase, 1844, by Balcombe & Winstanley http://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/discover_collections/society_art/races/fivedock.html




FIRST RACE.-Hartley Plate of twenty pounds (£20) ; heats twice round the course, for all horses, carrying weight for age ; en- trance thirty shillings (80s) ; three entrances or no race.

SECOND RACE.-Maiden Plate often pounds (£10), for horses that have never won an advertised prize, carrying weight for age ; entrance one pound (£1) ; three entrances, or no race.

THIRD RACE.-A Hack Race for five pounds (£5) ; horses carrying nine stone seven pounds (9 stone 7 pounds) ; entrance ten shillings.

All horses to be the bona fide property of residents of the district three months before running; post entrance.

No person qualified to enter the First Race unless a subscriber of two pounds ; one pound to qualify for the Second Race.

Riders to be in Jockey costume.

  Entrance at the " Albion Inn," on the night before racing, to close at 7 o'clock.

                                    st. lbs.

Weights-Two years old. 7 0

"             Three ,.            8 0 

              Four                 9 0

              Five " ,.            9 8 ,,

              Six and aged . 9 12

                 Stewards :

                 Messrs. J. ATKINS,

                              E. NEWMAN,

                              T. MORRIS

                      Judge : -

                      J. GRANT, Esq.

                      Secretary and Treasurer.

                             Mr. J. TAIT. 3359

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Tuesday 4 March 1845 p 3 Advertising




HARTLEY RACES, to take place on Tuesday, April 1, 1845.





FIRST RACE.-Hartley Town Plate of £30 ; entrance £3 ; heats twice round ; three en- trances or no race ; for all horses ; weight for


Mr. Declout's bay gelding Bennelong, rode by Matthews. I 1 Mr. Grant's chestnut horse Ajax. 2 2 Mr. Morris's bay gelding Bodkin ..".... 4 3 Mr. Perry's grey gelding Dr. Syntax .. 3 4

First Heat.-Dr. Syntax went off with a leap, and kept the load the first time round, followed closely by Ajax ; Bodkin and Benne- long evidently keeping back for the second time round. The second time round, chortly after passing tho winning post, Ajax challenged the Doctor and beat him for tho run ; within two-distances of home, Bennelong made play, passed the Doctor, run in, and beat Ajax by about half a neck.

Second Heat.-Ajax went off with a leap, Bodkin keeping nenr him. These two were in very close proximity to each other for nbout a milo nnd a half, Bennelong lying about three lengths in rear of Bodkin, until when within about a distance of home, Bennelong challenged the other two, passed them in fine style, and came in easy about eight lengths ahead of Ajax, the Doctor being supposed to have been buried in the sand, at all events not visible. At starting the Doctor was rather the favourite, and odds of ten to six were offered and taken between him and Bennelong ; the bets between the Doctor and Ajax were even. The result of this race deceived some of the knowing ones, many of them being wofully taken in ; Benne- long only being an outside horse, and some very considerable sums of money changed owners. Matthews displayed hia usual skill and judgment in jockcyship.


SECOND RACE-Maiden Plato of £20; en- trance £2 ; heats one round ; three entrances or no race ; for all horses that have never won an advertised prize ; weight for agc. Mr. Grant's bay mare Beeswing, Cox. 3 1 Mr. Matthews's bay gelding Cruiskin. 1 distanced. Mr. Collit's bay filly Sweetbriar 2 distanced.

First Heat-Cruiskin took the lead, main- tained it, and came in about two lengths ahead of Sweetbriar, Beeswing lagging behind.

Second Heat.-Beeswing went off with a jump, Cruiskin evidently intending to save h¡8 distanco, but hung it on too long ; Sweetbriar waiting on Cruiskin also lost her distance.

Tmnn RACE.-Hack Race of £10; post en- trance £1; four entrances or no race; weight nine atone. Won easily by Mr. James Flan- nagan^ bay gelding Hector j rode by owner beating four others.



FIRST RACE.-Publicans' Purse of £20; entranco £2 ; heats twice round ; three en- trances or no race ; for all horses ; carrying

eleven stone.

Mr. Declout's Bennelong, rider Mat-hews . 1 1

Mr. Grant's Ajax. 2 2 Mr. Matthew's Cruiskin. drawn.

First Heat.-Ajax went off at top speed, and maintained the lead the first time round, and until within half a distance of home, when Bennelong challenged and passed him, coming in about half a length ahead.

Second Heat.-Ajax went off on a jump, and maintained the lead tho first time round, and to within about the some distance as in the first heat, when Bennelong went up, and came in, winning easy about eight lengths. This being an eleven stone race, it was considered much in favour of Ajax, he being by far the strongest and most powerful horse.

SECOND RACB.-Beaten Stakes of £10, with a Sweepstakes of £2 each added; one heat; twice round ; for all beaten horses during the meeting; to bo handicapped by the Stewards. Mr. Perry's Dr. Syntax, rode by Cox.... 1

Mr. Morris's Bodkin . 2

At starting Bodkin went off at a jump, but the Dootor soon collared and beat him, and came in about two lengths ahead.





THESE races came off on the 5th, 6th, and 7th instant, and were very numerously and respectably attended; the weather was particularly favourable, although so late in the season for this district. ?


Hartley Town Plate of £40 ; heats twice round the course. For this race three horses started, viss. :- Mr. Jeremiah Grant's Bay Lottery, b. g.

aged.... ;. 1,1 Mr. John Tait's Emperor, b. c, three ' , years old. 2 ' 2J Mr. Jardines Strike- a-Light, b. g., five ;.

years old..'.. 3 dr. AU the racing was between Emperor and Lottery ; the first heat Lottery winning by a I head. For the second heat, Lottery and Em- peror started, Strike-a-Light having been drawn ; the old horse showed his bottom in the heavy sand ; won cleverly by about two


Second Race was for the Maiden Plate of £20, for which three horses started, viz. : Mr. Declout's Moinus, g. c, 5

years old . 1 1

Mr. Jeremiah Grant's Tally-ho, g. g.

5 years old. 2 disq. Mr. Flanagan's Eclipse, b. g., 5 years

old. 3 2 The first heat was well contested by Tally- ho, who became disqualified in consequence of his rider dismounting before coming to the Steward's stand. The second heat Momus won easily,

Third Race was the Hack Race of £10, for all hacks carrying 9 stone 7 pounds. Tho following horses carno to the post : Mr. Collitt's Devil-to-pay, b. g., 6

years old. 1 1 Mr. Smith's Sluggard, c. g., aged.... 2 0 Mr. Mathews's Benelong, b. g., 5

years old. 0 2 Mr. Flanagan's Hector, b. g., aged ..3 3 Mr. Brown's Rob Roy, b, g., 3 years

old. T....;. 6 dr. This was an oxcellont race, Devil-to-pay proving himself a first-rato horse-he had it all his own way the first heat ; the second heat was well contested by Benelong, the mile being performed in two minutes. ')


First Race.-Welter Stakes of £20, for all horses carrying 10 stone 7 lbs. ; one heal, three titres round the course. For this raco three horses entered, but only two started, viz. : Mr. Jeremiah Grant's Bay Lottery, b. g.,

aged . 1

Mr. Declout's Momus, g. c. five years .. 2

On the first round Momus showed his qualities as a blood horse, but from the heaviness of the course, the old horse collared him iu the second round, and maintained his ground throughout, winning easily.

Second Race.-For all hacks, catch weights, for a Sweepstakes of £5, with entrancoe added, Mr. Mathews's Benelong, b. g., five

years. 10 1 Mr. .Joseph Collitt's.Bolivar, b. g.,four

...years .......\. 2 2 0 Mr. Glazier's Why-Not, b. g. 0 1 0 Mr_Will-o'-the-Wisp, b. g.. 0 0-0 Dr. Auld's Chance, c. f.. 0 3 0 Mr. Flanagan's Hector, b.g. 0 0 0

This race afforded as usual much amusement, and would probably have been decided in the second heat, but for the rider of Benelong breaking one of his stirrup leathers.

At the conclusion of the races Borne gentlemen passed a hat round and knocked up a £5 note, in consequence there was a good field of scrubbers, which afforded no little amusement.


First Race-The Publicans' Purse of £25,

for which three horses started. I

Mr. Joseph Grant's Bay Lottery,

b g. aged . 2 1 1 Mr. Tail's Emperor, r.c., three years 1 2 dr Mr. James Collitt's Devil-to-Pay,

bg. uve years . 3 dr. Emperor lay by on starting, Devil-to-Pay and Lottery run hard, contending for the lead, but about half-way, Emperor took up the running, and won the first heat.

Second heat, Dcvil-to-Poy being drawn, Emperor and Lottery only Btarted. The old horse won it easily, and walked the course for the third, having carried five pounds for being the winner of tho Town Plate. Emperor, in consequence of lameness, was drawn.

Second Race, was for the Beaton Stakes of £10.

The only horses who came forward were Mr, Jardine's Strike-a-Light, b.g., five years . 1

Mr. Grant's Tally-ho, g.g. five years old . 2

Which were handicapped by the stewards, Suikc-a Light carrying 9 stone 5 lbs., and Tally-ho, 8 stone 10 lbs. The race WOB easily won by Strike-a-Light.

Third Race -A hurdle race for £\5. For all horses carrying II stone. For this race eight horses started; heats, once round ; three leaps. This race was won easily by Mr. Davidson's Sir Peter, which concluded the sports of the meeting.

The races passed off very quietly, and with much satisfaction to all parties concerned, and as the gentlemen of the district have come forward, and taken the management into their hands, it is expected that the Hartley races at future meetings, will be little inferior to any in the colony j great thanks is due to our Judge, Captain Bull, of the 99th Regiment, for his kindness in presiding over our sports, and we sincerely hope we shall have the advantage of his attendance at out next meeting. The decision of the stewards on all points submitted to them appeared to give general satisfaction ; in fact, the whole affair could not have been managed better.




THESE races terminated on Thursday lost, the 6tli instant. The weather was very uupropitious the night previous to the first day's racing, and was showery during the following days ; the racing ground in consequence was deep und heavy. The course has only been recently laid out, and with a little alteration will in the opinion of sporting men be equal to any in the colony. The last was a splendid day, and in every direction were to be seen happy faces, determined to forget the care and troubles of this world for the time, and to allow nothing to mar their enjoyment, in fact " Momus ruled the day." A goodly sprinkling of the fair sex, displaying their figures on horseback, graced " the meet."

The races went off well, and without accident. The management of the office bearers elicited unqualified approbation. Jorrocks and Plover spoiled sport in some measure, for when it became known that they were to compete for the prizes, several of the amateurs of the turf declined sending their horses, being convinced that they would have but little chance against the two crack horses of the colony, Mr. Downes, however, ran them only in two races, in which competitors wore found for them in the district, and they were not allowed to win without affording the assemblage a display of their racing qualities.



The Hartley Town Plato of £40, for all horss, weight for ago ; boats twice round the course: three entrances or no race; entrance £1. For this prize four horses weic entered. Mr. Downes's Jorrocks, bay, aged, rider Healy . 1 1 Mr. Grant's Lottery, bay, aged. 2 2 Mr. Downes's Lath, bay, aged. drawn.


The Maiden Plato of £20, for all horses that never won a piizc above £10 ; heats once round the course ; three entrances or no race ; entrance £2 10s. For this prize three horses  was entered.

Mr. Downes' Hazelton, late Jerry, ¡ ,, aged. 1 2 dr. Mr. Jume.« Collitt's Devil to Pay, aged, rider Flanagan . 2 .1 1

Mr. Downes's Lath .*. drawn.


The Hack Stakes of £10, heats once-round the coarse ; three entrances or no race ; post entrance of £1. Six horses were entered for

this | Mr. Morris's Jack Straw, rider Rawsthorne. 1 1 Mr. Fig's Rigdum Funnidus .2 2 Mr. Cummings' Maid of the Mill .... 3 3 Mr. Davidson's Sir Peter .\ .. 6 4 Mr. Joseph Collitt's Catch me if you Can .6 5 Mr. James Collitt's Jessie. 4 dr.



The Publicans' Purse of £30, for all horses, weight for age, heats twice round the course, three entrances or no race ; entrance £3.

Three horses entered Mr. Downes's bay horse Plover, rider Healy . 1 1

Mr. James Collitt's bay gelding Devil to Pay . 2 dr. Mr. Downes's Lath._drawn.


Hack Hurdle Race of £10, heats once round the course, three leaps of three feet six inches, three entrances or no race ; post entrance £1.

Mr. Davidson's Sir Peter . 1 1 Mr. Grant's Barney O'Keefo . 2 2 Mr. Morris's Bodkin. distanced.



The Welter Stakes of £25, added to a Sweepstakes of £5 each, for all horses carrying list. 7lbs., three times round the course, throe entrances or no race ; entrance £2 10s. Three hornes entered Mr. Grant's bay gelding Lottery, aged 1 0 Mr. Fig's roan" gelding Rigdum Fun

nidus, four years . dr. Mr. Caulfield'« black gelding Smasher, fivo years . dr.

Funnidus and Smasher having been drawn, Lottery walked three times round the course and took the prize.


The Squatters' Purse of £20, for all horses, weight for age; heats twice round ; three entrances or no race. Entrance, £3. Three

horses entered, Mr, Grant's Lottery, aged. 1 1 Mr. Downes's Spring Gun. 2 dr. Mr. Collit's Devil to Pay, aged. 3 2

It was evident from the start that Lottery had this race all his own way.


The Beaten Stakes of £10, for all beaten horses during tho meeting ; heats once round ; post entrance of £2 to bo added to the stakes, to bo handicapped by the stewards or whom they may appoint. For this race four horses

were entered.

Mr. Downes' Hallton, late Jerry . 1 1 Mr. M'liuosh's Spring Gun, lato Bolivar 2 2 Mr. Fig's Rigdum Funnidus. dist



NOTICE is hereby given that a Preliminary Meeting will be' held at Mr. Joseph Collits, Rose Inn, Hartley, at 1 o'clock  PM on Thursday ¿ the 3rd of May next, to make arrangements about the Hartley Annual Races, at which all parties' interested are requested to attend.'

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Saturday 28 April 1849 p 1 Advertising



HARTLEY RACES. | AT R Public Meeting, held at the Hartley Hotel, on the 19th of February j ultimo, it was unanimously resolved that the next Hartley Races should take place on the 4th, 6th, and 6th, of April next, on the New Race Course, convenient to the Rose Inn, un- derneath Mount Yictoria, when the following prizes will be run for.


The Hartley Town Plate, of £40, for all horses, weight for age ; heats twice round the, course ; entranoe £4 ; three entrances or no



The Maiden Plate of £20, for all horses, weight for age, that never won a prize above £10 ; he»ta, once round the course ; entrence £2 10s. ; three entrances or no race.


The Hack Stakes of £10, catch weights, beats once round the course., Post entrance, £1. , Three entrances, or no raee.



The Publioan'a Purse of £30, for all horses, weight for age, heats twice round the oourae. Entrance, £3. Three entrances, or no race.


The Haok Hurdle Race of £10, heats once round the course, three leaps, each leap three feet six inches. Post entrance, £1. Three

entrances, or no race.

Remainder of the day reserved for Private




The Welter Stakes of £26 added to a Sweepstakes of £6 each; entrance £2 10s. ; for all horses carrying eleven atone seven pounds ; three times round the course ; three entrances

or no race.


The Squatters' Purse of £20, for all horse s weight for age ; heats twice round the oourse ; entranoe £3 ; three entrances or no race.


The Beaten Stakes of £10, for all beaten horses during the meeting ; heats once round the course ; post entrance £2 ; entrance to be added ; to be handicapped by the stewards or by whom they may appoint.

To be run under the rules of Homebush, with the exception of the Racea where the weight is stated. No person to be allowed to enter a horse, unless he be a subscriber to the amount of £3, with the exception of the Hack Races, for which a subscription of £1 will qualify.

The decision of the majority ef the Stewards to be final. The start for the first Race on each day to take place at Noon. All riders to appear in jockey costume.

Publicans' Booths to be'ebarged £6.

The winner of the Town Plate to carry seven pounds extra for any other race.

Stalls of all descriptions, together with oarta and barrows for the sale of refreshments, will be subjected to a fee of ten shillings.

All dogs will be destroyed.

All horses to be entered the evening previous to the first day's races, at Collet's, Rose Inn, between the hours of seven and nine o'clock ; and at Nairn's, Hartley Hotel, the evenings previous to the other two days' races, between the hours of six and eight o'clock.


Captain Bull,


John Maxwell, Esq.

Andrew Brown, Esq. Jeremiah Grant, Esq. Thomas Brown, Esq. ' James Welker, Esq.

CLERK OF THE COURSE : , Mr. William Jager.


Treasurer and Honorary Seoretary.

No. 4806.