Pierces Letter Oct 1839

Pierce Collits Claim to Land

Mount York

28th Oct 1839


With reference to those two hundred acres of land advertised in my name  in the Gov Gazette of the 16th Inst No 693 I beg leave to inform you that those two hundred acres of land were promised me by Governor Macquarie  in (1821) one thousand Eight Hundred an Twenty One for the express purpose of building an Inn

Those two hundred acres  granted by Sir Thomas Brisbane in 1825 lays at the foot of Mt Vittoria bound south by  the Bathurst Road East by a Gov Reserve & North & West by unlocated lands and was not measured until 1830

I have the Honor to be Sir

Your Obt Servent

Pierce Collits

The Honble The Colonial Secretary Sydney. 

Deed executed january 1/40 in favour of pierce collits despatched march 10/40


Gov Thomas Brisbane accompanies Gov Macquarie to Bathurst in December 1821 prior to Macquaire leaving. Pierce sent a letter to Gov Brisbane advising him that  he had offered extra land.

Letter from Sophie Rawsthorne to Gov Darling re 200 acres from Gov. Brisbane.

Dated 31st January 1831.

That your petitioner is the daughter of Mr. P. Collits of Mt York and Married to a Man named Thomas Rawsthorne who had held a Ticket of Leave now nearly 6 years and will shortly be free.

That your Petitioner's Father received a Grant of Two Hundred Acres of Land to be taken in any place the most suitable to his purpose from Sir Thomas Brisbane; and about 18 months ago he fixed upon a piece of ground situated at Coxs River on the line of road opened by E Lockyer Esq.

That your Petitioner together with her husband have since that period resided thereon and succeeded in cultivating a considerable portion of ground.

That your Petitioners Father has, in consequence of the New Line of Road having taking a different direction to the one some time before marked out, resolved upon taking his Grant on the New Line of Road near Mount Victoria for the purpose of building an Inn for the accommodation of the Public.

That your Petitioner and family are thereby liable to be removed at a moments notice should the ground be granted to any other individuals.

That your Petitioner and her Husband have been at considerable expense, and had to struggle with many severe difficulties whilst devoting the whole of their exertions to the Tilling some part of the ground, and they have at length succeeding in clearing, cultivating and fencing in, with a four railed fence. fifty acres of ground, and now be obliged to remove from it, would be attended with almost total ruin to your Petitioner and Family.

That your Petitioner earnestly implores your Excellency to take her case into your humane consideration and Grant to her the Quantity of land at present in Cultivation


(sgn Sophia Rawsthorne and P Elliot JP