Overcrowding in Hartley Inns - 1862

HARTLEY.-For some weeks past we have been greatly Inconvenienced by clouds of dust on the roads, but on Wednesday last, the 7th instant, we were relieved by a steady rain, during the whole of the day, which caused an agreeable sensation in the minds of the settlers, who were wanting a little moisture to enable them to commence ploughing. We had it only light, but steady and soaking, whilst they had it very heavy on the mountains below The amount of traffic on the road  surpasses anything seen for many years buck. Drays, carts, vans, and spring vehicles, of all descriptions-and pedestrians of all countries, sires and ages, are moving upwards in abundance. Really, your Lachlan and neighbourhood must have something very magnetic about them, to draw such crowds ot people, and draw such amount of  stores as passes up here daily. Last night, Wednesday, the 7th, Little Hartley was  overcrowded to excess.  The coach and van arrived with such a number of passengers, that every available shelter had to be resorted to for lodgings for them, even to the chaff house-our worthy host of the Rose Inn being desirous to shelter them from the wet - Correspondent of Western  Examiner.


Thursday 22 May 1862