Mt Clarence Farm


Michael & Mary Finn owned  vast tracks of land in the surrounding area.


Mt Clarence Farm was located on the River Lett in the Parish of  Lett and consisted of 193 acres and was

owned by James Morris as lot 1.  He also owned Lot 52 adjoining consisting of  250 acres. Thomas Morris married Sophie Rwsthorne( nee Collits) and he owned  lot 58 of 98 acres and lot 59 of 320 acres. James Morris snr owned lot 44 of 320 acres.

James Morris  married Sarah Mitchell  at Parramatta on 24/6/1807 at Parramatta. She died 9/8/1876 at Mt York aged 84 her parents were James Wilson  an officer on sailing vessel. and Elizabeth Mitchell. She  was born on the way out to the Colony and her mother then married Edward Field . With James Morris they had 15 children being Elizabeth, Phoebe, Sophia, James, Thomas, William, Anne, Jane, Joan, John, William Joseph, Clara, Grant, George, Edward  James  Morris died in May 1854 aged 91.  Sarah died 9/8/1876 aged 85 years and was buried Mt. York cemetery. Hartley Vale. The Minister was Colin Stewart of The Hermitage. (Register of Presbyterian burials). 

James had been transported  aboard the Minorca and arrived:14/12/1801 . alias Riley) was convicted at Warwickshire of (a) stealing from Messrs. Woolley and Co., and sentenced to prison for one year, and (b) stealing buttons, etc. from Mr. Laugher and sentenced to transportation for 7 years.

1801 departed from Spithead on 6th June, and arrived in Sydney 14th December on the ship “Minorca”.

1804, 11th August: Granted 160 acres at Mulgrave Place.
C1830: moved to Hartley.

Elizabeth Morris died: 21/11/1860 aged 66 years and was  buried at Mt. Clarence (foot of Brown’s Gap).


Transfer dated 2nd October, 1811 from Mary Collets to James Morris of the District of Castlereagh in N.S.W. in consideration of the sum of 35 pounds Stg. She said the Collets hath conveyed to James Morris all that 20 acres of land situated on the Nepean River to be held by the said Morris for ever, being a part of seventy acres originally granted by Gov. king to the said Collits (Executed in the presence of Paul Lutherborrow and William Edwards).

Note: Lands Title Department – 24th February,1812.



1891 map

map 1890
 two acres was  from Robert Martins lot 25 resumed in 1894 for the road

Lot 1,/358 2/362 3363 & 4/364 were sold and ecame lots

n 1848 James Morris sought the deed for the 50 acres of land  given to Edward Field in 1830,  and was willed to James Field.


Edward Field  was noted re the ownership
Pierce Collets first block that was given to him was on the Riverlett  consisting of 200 acres and was notes as lot 27.