Martha Haynes Innkeeper Rose Inn
  Saturday 29 November 1851

Martha Gulley married James Gulley in 1834 and had 4 sons and a daughter. Martha was born in 1815.and died 9 July 1882 ‎(Age 67)‎  at Forbes,

James Haynes was born around  1807 and died on 25 September 1851 ‎(aged 44)‎ at Forbes, on the Central Tablelands of New South Wales. After James death Martha took over the running of the Rose Inn . In Nov 1851 her advertisements  thanks for the support and that she guaratees strict attention to business. She had 5 young children to care for when James died. with her youngest son Thomas being just 3 years old.


Thomas Gully married Martha  in England  and  they named their daughter Martha.  She married James Haynes in 1834 and they had four sons and one daughter

Martha Mother Birth about 1776 -- Coventry, Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom
Death 6 September 1833 ‎(Age 57)‎ -- , , New South Wales, Australia'


James had married Martha Gully  on the 14 November 1834  in  Sydney, and they had 4 sons and 1 daughter

  • Martha H born in 1836

  • Edwin Henry born in1840

  • William Charles Born 1842  Death 1920 ‎(Age 78)‎ -- Parkes,   

  • James  Daniel  Born 1846    Death 1914 ‎(Age 68)‎ -- Parkes,  

  • Thomas  Andrew Born1848 Death 1927 ‎(Age 79)‎ -- Parkes,


 Martha  then married James Sherringham, widower of Mt. York, on the 12th October, 1852  He inherited his ready made family of 4 boys, but he subsequently died on the  27th October, 1862 aged 47 years and was buried at Mt. York cemetery. His first wife was Mary,  a daughter of John Collits and Hannah (Lees).)

James became the licensee of the Rose Inn in 1852. Together they ran the Inn till his death. Then on the 6 MAR 1866 . Martha  married Joseph Collits who  owned the Inn. Her eldest son by this stage was aged 26, the youngest aged 18.


John Sherringham who was 7 years younger  than James married Martha Delaney in Feb, 1845.  She became Martha Sherringham  Seven years later James married Martha Haynes in 1852 and she also became Martha Sherringham .

In 1862 Edwin Henry HAYNES  married  Maria EVANS  at  PENRITH



1869 HAYNES HARRY E  A PENRITH    Then in 1870 they moved to Forbes.

 1870 HAYNES EDWIN O E  forbes