Kendal at Rose Inn

In January 1860, George Kendal was operating the Rose Inn as a coaching station. But by the end of the year he transferred his operation down to the Rose Inn at Penrith, formerly run by Thomas Perry.


Perry and Kendal were adversaries for a while..

Henry Mortimer, coachman of   the mail coach, the property of Mr. John Perrv, landlord of the Rose Inn,   Penrith appeared to answer the" information of Chief Constable Wilson, for'currylng, on the Oth June instant, more than the mumber of passengers authorized by license, according to the Act. The Chief Constable here remarked; that as-there was no Court on Friday, he had since prepared another information against Mr. Perry for the same offence.

William Kendal, constable, resident landholder of the South Creek, being a Quaker, affirmed, that on the night laid in the information saw Perry's stage coach on the road on its way to Penrith ; saw Thomas Frost conieonf, and saw five females above the age of seven years inside


Then Kendall got out the coaching business.. he must have done a deal with Perry, for he took up residence there, while perry took ove the coaching business.



The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Monday 20 February 1860 p 1 Advertising


NOTICE.-The ROYAL EXPRESS LINE ÖT AMERICAN COACHES.-Messrs. GAYNOR, KENDALL, and WOOD beg to return their sincere thinks to tho pnblio for tho liberal support they have re- ceived during their career on tho Western Road, and further trust that by unremitting attention to morlt a contlnnance of the same, as they have made overy arrange- ment for commonoing their American Lino of Coaches, which they Intend running twice n week, on and after January 9th, leaving Sydney Monday and Wednesday, Imlf-past 4 In tho evening, loiving on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fares-From Parramatta to Bathurst" £3, to Sofala £3 10s. ; from Bathurst to Parramatta £3, allowing each passenger 20 lbs. of lnsgage ; all over 20 lbs., to be charged at the rate of Gil. per pound.

Gaynor, Kendall, and Wood assure the public that every attention will ho paid to make passengers comfort- able, and that every oaro will be paid to booked parcels, as they intend hoing rosponsiblo for thom.

Booking* Offices ns follows :-Sydney : Mr. Markwells, Golden Fleece, Briokfleld-hill ;

 and Mr. Windred's, Sportsman's Arms, Pitt-Btrcet. Parramitla:

Mr. Elliott, Globe Hotel. Penrith :

Mr. Kondall,  Rose Inn. Hartley :

Mr. Dunn's. Bathurst:

Mr. Gaynor, Royal Oak, "William-street ;

Mr. Lewis, Blackball Inn.

Sofala Mr. Mendie.

N.B.-Wood's Weekly Vans will leave Sydney and

Bathurst ns usual




To Innkeepers, Storekeepers, and others. i On account of whom it may concern.

Gin and Whisky in bottle

Sherry and Brandy in wood and bottle

i Horses, Drays, HnrncsB, Spring Oaits, Ac , 4c,

At Kendell's, Rose Inn, Penrith.

On FRIDAY, October 5th, at 12 o'clock.

W PRITCHARD lins received instructions . to sell by auction, at Kendall's, Rose Inn. Penrith,

Without the slighest reserve, 47 cases key brand superior gin 20 ditto Stewart's superior whiskey

Mar tell's brandy and superior sherry in wood and bottle Also several horses, drays, harness, spring carts, etc, ¿co.

Terms, ensb. No reserve.

Thursday 4 October 1860




100 Horses. : For sale at the Rose Inn, Penrith. Tuesday 12 December 1865

Without reserve.

CHARLES COTTRELL has been instructed  by. Mt, Skillicom to sell by auction, at the Rose Inn, Penrith, on WEDNESDAY noxt, tho 13tU Decomber, at noon,

100 head of horse stock, consisting of mares, coltov.and

I fillies, suitable for saddlo and draught purposes.

Carriers and others requiring to obtain good j stock shouJdinot lot this chance slip

1 Torras, cash. No rosorvo.