JOHN PERRY and THOMAS HADLEY,   Coach Proprietors


NOTICE - To Persons travelling to  and from Bathurst.

THE undersigned return thanks to their   friends and the public in general for the   patronage they have received for the last two years,   as Mail Contractors from Sydney to Bathurst, and beg to inform them that they intend to start a four- horse Coach, on the 3rd of January, on the above road, to leave Sydney every Monday evening, and arrive in Bathurst every Wednesday afternoon;   leaving Bathurst every Tuesday morning, and arriving in Sydney every Saturday morning.

Fares - Three Pounds.

Booking Offices - The Commercial Wharf, Sydney; Steam Packet Inn,       Parramatta; Australian Arms, Parramatta; Rose  Inn, Penrith; Albion Inn, Hartley; and the Inn, Bathurst.  


7447 Coach Proprietors.  

Thursday 30 December 1841