John Ford Coach Operator
  John Ford bought land off one of the earliest settlers at Hartley- William Orrell.  He began a coaching operation and became involved with William Cummings. whose son Thomas, married his eldest daughter.  Ironically  in 1845 Ford had taken the the Cummings to court over a debt for which William Cummings was placed in insolvency.


Case No. 6505. John Ford of Bathurst, by his Attorney, Augustus Hay ward, Esq. Two hundred acres, county of West moreland, parish unnamed, at Blaxland's Swamp. This land was located on an order of Governor Macquarie's, dated October, 1821, in favour of W il liam Orrell, now deceased, who, it is alleged, devised to claimant.
 Friday 4 October 1839

MARRIAGES. By special license, on Monday, the 18th instant, at Trinity Church, Kelso, by the Rev. C. Woodward, Mr. Henry Rotton, of Bathurst to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. John Ford, of Kelso.  (Mary Ann born 1825)

Friday 29 March 1844

In 1850 Thomas Cummings Married Jane Ford  Jane was born in 1828.

John Ford Jnr was born in 1829


By 1845 William Cummings of Mt York had himself indebted to John Ford.


Wednesday Before the Chief Commissioner  Proof of Claims.

i In the estate of Thomas Cumming, tin adjourned second meeting : William Henry Mackenzie, 3003 7s. 9d.

i In the estate of William Cummings, an adjoumed second meeting : John Ford, 154 2s.

!The above meetings were ultimately adjourned till Tuesday next, at eleven, A.M. . There are no meetings fixed for today

Thursday 16 January 1845



Forty head of HORSE STOCK, now running at Clear Creek, County of Roxburgh. The above are sold under and by virtue of a power contained in a certain bill of sale or assignment from William Cummings to John Ford, dated 29th May, 1843.


Five hundred head, more or less, of mixed CATTLE, running at Tamarura, in the District of Bathurst.


Three thousand SHEEP, more or less, running at the same place.

These are sold under a power contained in a certain bill of sale or assignment from Thomas Cummings to John Ford, dated 29th May, 1843.

Terms made known at the time of sale,

Bathurst, April 8.  




ACCIDBNTS.-On Wednesday last, James Ford, a lad of about eleven years of age, the son of Mr. John Ford, of Kelso, met with an accident which might have been attende 1 with very serious consequences. It appears that this young lad, who like many of our Austra- lian youth is a very fearless rider, was at one of Mr. Ford's stations, about thirty miles from Bathurst. He went out with a stockman in the employment, and was riding after some cattle, when his horse carne down with him, throwing him against a stump, and injuring him, it was then feared very seriously. The stockman picked him up and carried him to the nearest house, and information was for- warded to Kelso, from whence a gig was im- mediately despatched, and the youthful suf- ferer was brought home without delay. It was then found that the injuries sustained by him, although severe, were not dangerous, and were confined principally to the lower part of the stomach, the liver is however considered to be slightly injured. Under the care of Dr. Machattie, he is, we are happy to be able to say, progressing favourably. It rather singu- larly happened that, on Saturday last, a simi- lar accident happened to his brother, master Thomas Ford, but beyond a few sera'chea on hi* face, he suffered no injury.

Friday 4 April 1851





To the Editor of the Herald.

SIR,-Your correspondents, Messrs. Elliott and Foreman, must surely be labouring under a very strong delusion, when they inform the public that " they had arranged with MeBsrs. Ford and Co. to take the passengers booked through by them, from Bathurst to the Lachlan, until their own line was completed," such an arrangement (except as with private persons) never having been entered into.

Our invariable custom with Messrs. E. and F.'s passengers is (and has been for some time) to receive their passage money, and give them a ticket the same as any other ordinary passengers, and those only granted for any certain day, conditionally, on Messrs; Crane and Roberts' coach (.with which we run in conjunction) not bringing sufficient through passengers to make our usual complement.

As a caution to intending passengers, we would beg them to bear in mind that ONLY the passengers booked to the Lachlan or Lambing Flat, by Messrs. Crane and Roberts, or their agents, have a priority of despatch from here by us (ours being the only coaches on those roads), all others having to abide by the former expressed conditions, viz., that of going by rotation, according to the time of booking, and then only contingent on the coach not being booked full through from Sydney.

We have the honour to remain, Sir, yours most obediently,

Pro John Ford and Co..

JAMES CUBITT, Agent. Bathurst, lOih April.


20 Westmoreland, 640 acres, parish of Langdale ; on the west by Henry Perrier' 1300 acres, applied forby John Ford.

21 Westmoreland, 640 acres, on tbe weBt by part of Jeremiah Hatch's eastern boundary and Campbell's River ; applied for by John Ford.

22 Westmoreland, 640 acres, on the south by Campbell's River and Davy's Creek ; applied for by John Ford.

3. Westmoreland,640 acres parish of Langdale, on the east and west by section lines, and on tbe north by a line weat to include the quantity : ap I plied for by Jobn Ford.


Thursday 20 June 1839

24' Westmoreland, 640 torts ptriib of Ltngdtle, bounded on tia westby Hatobe's ind vacant lind on the south by Lot 21 : applied for by John Foid.

Advertisement of lOth September, 1838,

Deeds dated 7th March, 1839.

38. John Ford, 880 acres, Bathurst, lot 16