James Young Innkeeper Hartley
  The Coach and Horses Inn of Sophie Morris ended up as James Young's Inn in 1858.   He was residing in the area in early 1845

The Plan No 3104  of 1858  below  reveals the lot of 3 acres granted to Pierce Collit , showing YOUNGS '  (which was the inn), the stockyards. the stable, the hut., and it is located between two bridges.

 Initially it was called Rawsthornes, then Morrises, then Youngs...the sign  not used by by the travelling public, they used  the name of the proprietor.

In 1855 James married Esther Collits, daughter of John Collits., who was Sophia Rawsthorne's brother.

James YOUNG was born in 1821 in Sussex, England and died 25 August 1874 in Bandon, Forbes. It was  legend that the bushrangers Dunn and Gilbert of Ben Halls gang wanted to take deceased’s Pierce Collits Jnr horse, which belonged to his sister the late Mrs. Esther Young, who kept an hotel for seventeen and a half years at Bandon, where Hall worked with her as stable boy,

The death occurred at Forbes of Mrs. Ester Young , aged 79. Deceased was born at Cowra in 1833, and claimed to be the first white child born in the Lachlan River valUy. With her husband, who predeceased her some years, she kept an hotel at Bandon. Ben Hall, who afterwards became notorious for his bushranging exploits, was employed by them for some time, as a groom.

COACH AND HORSES was licensed at Forbes Bandon  to James YOUNG 1865-1869.

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954), Friday 26 January 1912

Map 3104 dated 1858 extract


Extract from Image iof1880 of a substantial building complex in the vicinity of the Youngs Inn

Unclaimed letter Mr.James Young, Mount York, Wednesday 9 April 1845


William Brown was indicted for stealing two watches, the property of Mr James Young, publican, at Hartley, in August last. He pleaded not guilty, and was undefended. The Jury at once pronounced a verdict or not guilty. Thé prisoner was discharged, with a caution from tbe Chair to be circumspect in future.

Saturday 12 September 1857


LOST, by a poor man, a CHEQUE, No. 29, drawn onthe Bank of New South Wales, by the Rev. John Troughton, on Saturday, 27th August in favour ofJames Young for the sum of five pounds (£5.) Any one delivering the same either to Mr. James Young, of Hartley or to the Rev. JOHN TROUGHTON, will be rewarded. Payment has been stopped at the Bank._

Monday 5 September 1859







February 16th, 1856—A large and influential meeting was held at Hartley, on Saturday, the 16th instant, at 3 o'clock p.m., at Mr.  James Young's Hotel, to afford Mr. Robert T. Jamison, one of the candidates for the representation of the united counties of Cook and Westmoreland, an opportunity of explaining his opinions and principles.

Upwards of sixty electors attended and many more would have done so, but were unwilling to lose so fine a day in harvest time to secure their crops.

Dr. Rygate, having been voted into the chair, called upon Mr. Jamison to address the assembly, and Mr. Jamison having entered into an elaborate explanation of his opinions on all points connected with the most important subjects now affecting the public (explanations warmly received and applauded), and having satisfactorily answered such questions as were put to him, it was moved by Mr. J. Mylecharane, and seconded by Mr. John Collett that Mr. Robert T. Jamison was a fit and proper person to represent the united counties of Cook and Westmoreland, which resolution having been unanimously carried, the following gentlemen formed themselves into a committee to secure Mr. Jamison's return, viz., Messrs. James Delany, J. Collitt, G. Baber, Evan Evans, L. Duff, J. Evans, J. Myle- charane, J. Sheringhame, R. J. Blackford, D. Mahony, H. McArthur, J. Prinmer, R. Ryan, R. Rygate, J. Flanagan, M. Burke, J. Morris, W. Arnold, G. Shepperd, J. Richardson, J. Cook, M. Shannon, [R.] Vertigan, W. Perkins, J. Ambrose, T. Sandell, T. Cox, I. Young, A. Baker, W. Cor- deroy, G. Harding, J. King, J. Aldridge, S. Sievyer, M. Ryan, D. O'Connell, R. Fuller, J. Annesley, B. Bradburv, T. Wilson, J. Hogan, D. Hogan, G. Barton, D. Kirk, T. Hyndes, C. Quinn, with power to add to their number.

With three cheers and one more for Mr. Jamison, after a vote of thanks to the chairman, the meeting



James Young, Esq., St. Mary's, South Creek .. 5 0
Saturday 5 September 1868
X»0 REWARD.-LOST, »Black MARE, with blane 3D_Í In taee, near hind foot white, white on off hind foot, branded llover 69 near shoulder, and TJ on near hip. The above reward will be paid on delivery to Mr. JAMES YOUNG, Hartley ¡ or to the undesigned, at Penrith. ROBERT T. JAMKOW._
Wednesday 3 February 1858
V1855190 82/1855 YOUNG JAMES COLLITS ESTHER Esther Collitis was born 1 on 10 Oct 1833 in Belubula, (Canowindra), New South Wales, Australia. She died 2 on 18 Jan 1912.
John died at Myall Park near Forbes in 1886 at the age of 83 years from Senile Decay 10 days. In his will he left everything to his daughter Esther Young, who was a widow at the time

) Friday 8 October 1869


YOUNG—November 7th, at his residence, No. 6, Clyde-street, Miller's Point, James Young, aged 49 years, after a short but painful illness, leaving a wife and eleven children to mourn

their loss. Monday 21 December 1863