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James Rawsthorne.s father, Thomas Rawsthorne arrived in the colony at the age of 23  on the "Recovery" for the term of 14 years for housebreaking. 

Convicted in Lancaster  on March 20 1819 after being arrested in Kirkby for housbreaking. He was assigned to Pierce Collits, father of Sophia Jane Collits, as a convict labourer.  Sophie Collits, his wife was Joseph Collits younger sister.   Sophie born  in 1810 (she died  aged 58 on 25th January 1868 at Billybong Forbes  from a fever that had lasted 6 weeks)

 Thomas was 5ft 8" high, ruddy complexion with light brown hair and hazel eyes. He served 7 years of his sentence  and his Ticket of Leave 34/2170 was dated Feb 2 1826, with district stated as Bathurst.

At the age of 27 he married Sophia Collits  aged 17 in October 1826. They then had 3 children  Their first son Thomas was born on 23 June 1827 at   Emu Plains and died  on the 11th June 1837. Joseph was born on 4th October 1829 and he lived till  1863 and died at Forbes. James, the youngest son was born on 26th January 1834 at  Springrove and he lived till 1890 where he died at Forbes.

Thomas Rawsthorne snr was born   06 Apr 1795 n  Kirkby-Lonsdale, Cumbria Westmoreland, England  and he  died on the 15 Jun 1837, where he was buried at Mt York.


Pierce Collit  was granted 3 acres at Riverlett  to erect an Inn upon  to compensate for the loss of custom of his Golden Fleece Inn at Mount York.  

Sophie was given an inn  by her father Pierce, the application being under the sign of  “The Bridge.” 

The Bridge Inn was built in 1836 and  changed its name to the Kings Arms in 1837,


Widowed Sophia Rawsthorne, was the licensee of a public house under the sign of The Kings Arms in 1838.


 In the deposition of one Patrick O’Connor in a hearing on 17 August, 1838 there is reference to Rawsthorne’s Public House at the foot of Mount Victoria.”

Sophie married Thomas Morris in March 1838 at Castlereagh.


This leaves the option as being the premises at the foot of Mount Victoria - the initial building of the Rose Inn. 

Pierce considered the land on which the Rose Inn to be his, so it it is reasonable to assume that the initial sandstone building was used as a inn for his daughter Sophie.  

By 1838 the Collits Family had considerable wealth and Joseph was  still living in Castlereagh and Sydney.

Ín 1830 Pierce was granted the land which is lot 31 as compensation for lost trade on the Lockyers Rod at Mount York, .JB Richards was instructed by Surv Gen Mitchell to survey the land. and draw up the plan.  He would have lot no time in erecting another building.  The new liquor laws were in place  in 1830 and inns became more regulated.  Perhaps his inn the Golden Fleece  had lost his license at Mt York as warned by Gov Darling for allowing officers to drink to excess.



Apparently Thomas obtained land in the Parish of Lett which named Springrove.


ROBBERY BY MEN FROM A BRIDGE PARTY.-- Henry Smith and John Cavenagh were indicted for entering the stores of Thomas Rawsthorne, at Spring Grove, on the Bathurst-road, and stealing large quantities of flour, beef, and wet clothes, which they carried to a distance, and secreted under a rock. The prosecutor and his wife, accompanied by a native black, tracked their footsteps, and discovered the property. In the evening they laid concealed near the spot, and captured the prisoners, who belonged to the bridge party, in the act of removing their plunder. Verdict--Guilty. Sentence, three years in irons.

James Rawsthorne  



Birth* 26 January 1834 Spring Grove, Cox's River, NSW, Australia1   
Baptism 3 February 1834 Bathurst, NSW, Australia, son of Thomas & Sophia Rawsthorne, Spring Grove, Cox's River1  

http://keithbassett.id.au/p128.htm Citations 

  1. [S1220] NSW Baptisms 1788-1855.

When Thomas died, Sophie married Thomas Morris (b. 18 Jun 1817, Nepean  d. 11 Aug 1878, Bogabagil Station, Forbes) They were married at the Christ Church at Castlereagh in 1838.  Sophie was aged 28  and Thomas  was aged 21.  They resided at Hartley  till around 1843, then moved to Carcoar where daughter Sophie Lucy was born in 1846.  A year later later  saw the birth of  more sons, Thomas (1847) and then William (1849).  But another two years later saw them out at  "Tin Pot" at the Lacklan River  where daughter Jessie was born.  (Jessie died when she was just 17 years old in 1868 at Billbong Creek)  The other children lived till their old age- Maria died in 1915, Eliza died in 1942. Sophia died in 1939,  Thomas in 1909 and William  died in 1936.


On Monday last, at Castlereagh, by the Rev. Henry Fulton, Mr. Thomas Morris, to Mrs. Rawsthorne   and Mr. James Morris, to Miss Maria Watkins, daughter and grand daughter of   Mr. Pearce Collett, of Mount York.


COOK.-  commencing 1st January, 1927. 70. J. Rawsthorne,  100 acres, near Lambies Hill ; promised by Sir R. Darling, on the 9th July, 1830, to Mr. J. Collitts, and possession authorised on the 1st January, 1831, as an additional grant, being in remuneration for his services in recovering Government Horses ; the deeds were advertised for Mr. Collitts, on the 17th July, 1839. but they are now, at his request, re-advertised for the present claimant; quit-rent 16s. 8J. per annum, commencing 1st January, 1831.

Around 1875 Elizabeth Lewington bought Mount York Farm from James Rawsthorne and the building was redecorated by putting in ceilings and painting the house in stone and brown colours.

source http://www.davidrawsthorne.com/tree/getperson.php?personID=I145&tree=Rawsthorne

1890 Map of Springrove with current property overlay showing Lake Lyell.

9 Mar 1838  Christ Church, Castlereagh, New South Wales, Australia Find all individuals with events at this location  [1 Children 
  1. Maria Jane MORRIS,   b. 10 Mar 1840, Hartley, New South Wales, Australia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 26 Dec 1915, Grenfell, New South Wales, Australia Find all individuals with events at this location
  2. Eliza Stella MORRIS,   b. 12 Jul 1843, Hartley, New South Wales, Australia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 15 May 1942, Bronte, New South Wales, Australia Find all individuals with events at this location
  3. Sophia Lucy MORRIS,   b. 20 Jun 1845, Carcoar, New South Wales, Australia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 08 May 1939, Waverley, New South Wales, Australia Find all individuals with events at this location
  4. Thomas Lachlan MORRIS,   b. 30 Jun 1847, Mt Clarence, New South Wales, Australia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 05 Aug 1909, Bourke, New South Wales, Australia Find all individuals with events at this location
  5. William Clarence MORRIS,   b. 23 Sep 1849, Mt Clarence, New South Wales, Australia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 06 Mar 1936
  6. Jessie MORRIS,   b. 05 Oct 1851, Tin Pot, Lachlan River, New South Wales, Australia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 27 Jan 1868, Billabong Creek, New South Wales, Australia Find all individuals with events at this location







It has not yet been  validated  the connections of the  Rawsthorne Gold Mining Company.

Rawsthorne Gold Mining Company was closed on the 18 th May 1872. Perhaps Pullen and Rawsthorne decided to go into business or one ran into difficulties.


James Rawsthorne




Title Mr Rawsthorne

CreatorAmerican & Australasian Photographic Company

Call NumberHome and Away - 41379

Digital Order No.on4_41379



  CreatorAmerican & Australasian Photographic Company
Pullen and Rawsthorne's stamper battery at the southern end of Clarke Street, Hill End -- [the battery which crushed the Holtermann Nugget - Lois Carrington (Oct 2005)]
Level of DescriptionSeries
Date of Work
Type of MaterialGraphic Materials
Call Number
Home and Away - 39968
Issue CopyCopy Print - PXA 4999 Available on Open Access shelves in Mitchell Library Original Materials Reading Room
Physical Description Photographs : 1 glass photonegative ; 10 in. x 12 in.
Administrative / Biographical Note
For information on the Pullen family, see Home & away - 41431
Supplementary Identifiers
Original item no. ON 4 Box 49 No 12
General Note
LR plan #170
For research on this image see back of item PXA 4999 Box 49 No 12
See also items PXA 4999 Box 9 Nos 70094-70095, Box 38 Nos 2-3, 71/S


Rawsthorne s cake of gold was retorted at Hill End late on Thursday night. It lins not yet been weighed. ' It was stated that 201 lbs. of amalgam and  50oz from blanketing were obtained from 306 tons of stone. |

Monday 22 July 1872



Appraised rental for Runs under the Crown Lands Occupation Act of 1861.
[Government Gazette, 31 October, 1870, pp.2415-2422.]

Appraised rental for Runs under the Crown Lands Occupation Act of 1861.
[Government Gazette, 31 October, 1870, pp.2415-2422.]

Brogan Plains, Back Run - James RAWSTHORNE; £25.

  Wellington District.
Back of Ellengerah - G. H. & A. B. COX; £21.
Badjerribong - Moss JOSHUA; £120.
Baker's Swamp - A. FERGUSON; £15.
Burrawang - Robert MARTIN; £125.
Ban Ban - W. CHAPMAN & W. RAND; £65.
Ban Ban or Ganalgan - W. C. WENTWORTH & the Representatives of the late J.
Back Grawhey - A. & J. CRUIKSHANK; £25.
Bangaroo - Thomas ICELY; £31.
Bartley's Creek - Australian Joint Stock Bank; £35.
Bald Hills or Mondadgerry - John SMITH; £18-15-0.
Back Yamma - J. NEWELL, J. NEWELL, junr., D. T. NEWELL, and M. B. NEWELL;
Back Blowclear - James ROSTHORN; £21.
Berewombenia - Robert MARTIN; £75.
Beriarh - A. W. ROBERTSON & J. RUTHERFORD; £10.
Bellerimgla - Commercial Banking Company; £80.
Belubula - John GRANT, junr.; £18-15-0.
Bilabung - C. McPHILLAMY & T. A. SMITH; £37.
Billabong - G. W. LORD; £30.
Blowclear - James WATKINS; £40.
Boree Nyrang - John SMITH; £20.
Boreenore - J. SMITH; £10.
Boorambill - W. H. SUTTOR; £45.
Boree Cabonne - John SMITH; £12-10-0.
Booral or Ten-mile Creek - G. W. LORD; £27.
Brogan Plains - Edward FLOOD; £45.
Brogan Plains, Back Run - James RAWSTHORNE; £25.
Brymedura and Memildra - G. W. LORD; £100.
Bulderudgera - G. W. LORD; £32-10-0.
Buckinbah - Thomas McCULLOCH; £50.
Bunglegumbie - J. de V. LAMB; £10.
Bugabagil - Joseph COLLETTS; £100.
Bulgandramine - J. W. GILMORE; £105.
Bullock Creek - R. J. H. & W. STRAHORN; £25.
Canomadine or Woolshed - Commercial Banking Company; £20.
Carrawobity - Edward FLOOD; £42.
Cathundrill - J. C. RYRIE & J. ALEXANDER; £20.
Cathundrill No.2 - RYRIE Brothers; £20.
Cardington - John McNIVEN; £40.
Cheeseman's Creek - James KEENAN; £37-10-0.
Cobong - C. D. CLEMENTS; £45.
Coradgery - BRAY and PALMER; £55.
Condabalan - P. J. & A. STREET; £45.
Colonel - W. W. RICHARDSON & J. L. RICHARDSON; £30.
Coolee or Beardina - A. CRUIKSHANK, A. CRUIKSHANK & W. W. BROCKLEHURST; £40.
Cookandoon - RYRIE & ALEXANDER; £45.
Curra Creek - Thomas McCULLOCH; £18.
Cullenburrawang - J. H. STEWART; £35.
Cuddell - J. A. GARDINER & H. KATER; £10.
Darobel - RYRIE & ALEXANDER; £40.
Delga - J. McPHILLAMY; £30.
Dooran - RYRIE & ALEXANDER; £22-10-0.
Draggy - John McPHILLAMY; £40.
Dulhunty Plains - Moss JOSHUA; £50.
Eena Weena - RYRIE & ALEXANDER; £40.
Ellengerah - F. S. COX & A. H. COX; £45.
Esperance - Jane WILD, Martha KATEEN, and G. WOOD; £49-10-0.
Eurimbola - F. LORD; £50.
Fifteen-mile Waterhole - G. & J. PALMER; £30.
Ganggary - J. T. NEALE; £35.
Galwary - Charles ICELY; £16.
Gamboola - John SMITH; £15-10-0.
Genanigi - J. N. GILMORE; £125.
Genarin - J. N. GILMORE; £20.
Gonoo - F. LORD; £50.
Goolagoola - A. W. ROBERTSON & J. RUTHERFORD; £29.
Goimbla - Charles ICELY; £25.
Gradell - John STRAHORN; £75.
Grawhey - A. W. ROBERTSON & J. RUTHERFORD; £45.
Gradgery - Robert MARTIN; £50.
Gulgo - Thomas POWER; £35.
Gunning - Robert MARTIN; £40.
Gunningbland - Robert MARTIN; £50.
Gunningbar New Station - J. T. NEALE; £30.
Gunnegaldra - Commercial Banking Company; £30.
Gunningbar (Merryanbone) - W. C. WENTWORTH and Representatives of the late
Gunningbar (Wallah Wallah) - RYRIE and ALEXANDER; £35.
Hermitage East - Richard RIDGE; £37-10-0.
Kyargathur - Isaac SHEPHERD, junr.; £100.
Lower Canonba - James ASHCROFT; £50.
Lower Daroobalgie - Mary HIBBERSON, H. A. MAYNARD, & J. NICHOL; £32-10-0.
Lower Peelogowarina - J. A. GARDINER; £40.
Lower Willi East - Henry ROTTON; £30.
Manwanga - Robert MARTIN; £100.
Mickybill - Isaac SHEPHERD, junr.; £120.
Molong Runs - Andrew KERR; £15.
Molong Nyrang - S. & J. ALEXANDER; £17.
Mount Foster - F. S. & A. H. COX; £70.
Mogong - Edward COADY; £31-5-0.
Mulgathary - Robert MARTIN; £120.
Murrimderry - Andrew KERR; £40.
Mullah - George OAKES; £40.
Mullingudgery - A. FERGUSON; £50.
Mumblebone - A. CRUIKSHANK; £70.
Mungaree East - J. W. GILMORE; £62-10-0.
Mungaree West - John STRAHORN; £65.
Myall Camp North - J. W. GILMOUR; £25.
Myall Camp South - J. W. GILMOUR; £25.
Nanima - J. J. CAMPBELL; £41.
Narramine - W. C. WENTWORTH and the late J. CHRISTIE; £100.
Narroogal - John MAXWELL; £20.
Narradandarry - J. S. CAMPBELL; £36.
Nine-mile Waterhole - F. MARTELL; £25.
Nooary - Robert McPHILLAMY; £10.
Obella - T. McCULLOCH; £60.
Old Gunningbar - J. A. GARDINER & H. KATER; £35.
On the Mara Creek - A. W. ROBERTSON & J. RUTHERFORD; £80.
Opposite Derribong - F. HARRIS; £50.
The Oaks - John McPHILLAMY; £41.
Timnee, or Gerothery - Thomas McCULLOCH; £42.
Tilga - Edward COADY; £34-10-0.
Tomingley - J. W. GILMORE; £25.
Trangi and Gowan - A. & A. CRUIKSHANK and W. W. BROCKLEHURST; £60.
Trajaree - J. J. CAMPBELL; £65.
Turribung (Derribong) - A. T. KERR; £105.
Upper Canonba East - James ASHCROFT; £50.
Upper Canonba West - John BROWN; £40.
Upper Daroobalgie - James TWADDLE; £21.
Upper Geraway - E. B. CORNISH & A. CRUIKSHANK; £50.
Upper Gunningbar - J. A. GARDINER and H. KATER; £40.
Upper Weeli East - J. A. GARDINER; £30.
Warren - F. CHAPMAN & W. RAND; £85.
Waughgandary - A. W. ROBERTSON and J, RUTHERFORD; £45.
Wandoo Wanding - John STRACHORN; £75.
Warraberry & St. GILES; F. MARTELL; £22.
Waterholes - C. McPHILLAMY and T. A. SMITH; £16.
Wallinbillen - Susanna PHILLIPS; £30.
Walaba - J. H. STEWART; £50.
Weiraguari - James DRAPER; £18.
Weatherwaugh - J. F. JOSEPHSON; £15.
Weemoboa - A. A. CRUIKSHANK and W. W. BROCKLEHURST; £85.
West Cobong - C. D. CLEMENTS; £25.
Willandra - W. & S. GARDINER; £50.
Willa (Mara Creek) - John GARDINER; £27-10-0.
Willoi - John DARGIN; £30.
Willoree - Walter DOUGLAS; £30.
Willie - R. RIDGE; £45.
Willerie and Blowan - B. O'MULLEN.
Willondra - Charles ICELY; £50.
Woolawigny - Moss JOSHUA; £40.
Woolagoola - A. W. ROBERTSON and J. RUTHERFORD; £25.
Wundabungey - A. W. ROBERTSON and J. RUTHERFORD; £70.
Wyabray - John DARGIN; £90.
Yama - Charles McPHILLAMY; £41.
Yallinderi - Andrew KERR; £30.
Yarralamboine - W. C. WENTWORTH & the Representatives of the late J.
Yamba Yamba - B. O'MULLEN; £90.
Yengoura - H. CLEMENTS; £125.
Yhabahbong - John BROWN; £40.

  Michael Field took up a C.P. NO.372 on the 6/11/1873 of 50 acres at the Lands Office, Forbes, situated in the County of Ashburnham, Parish of Carrawabity and on the 2/2/1885 sold this property to James Rawsthorne of Carrawobity for £90 stg. At he time of the death of his father Pierce Field in 1916 Michael Field is shown as residing at Bourke.
  The runs were unfenced and consequently many hands were employed to look after the stock. Dairying, including cheese-making, was carried on into the 30’s, butter and cheese being sent to Bathurst on bullock teams. At Wandary once known as Cumbidgewa was a dairy, named Wandary, is supposed to have been the black’s effort to say “one dairy”. Among the successful cheese makers was Mr. Rawsthorne, once owner of Bogabigal.

Flour and other necessaries of life were brought from Bathurst or Sydney. Mr. Morris states that when station supplies were running short, three or four bullocks were yoked up and sent over the mountains to Sydney. The patient bullock was a good friend of the pioneer. For years Bathurst was the nearest postal town, and the mail was brought down the river monthly by pack horse. later on it came from Cowra by the same means.

Flour was very dear, and frequently wheat was bought and ground in little steel hand mills. Each hut-keeper was expected to grind enough for himself and a couple of stockmen.

From 1837-1844 the Lachlan River settlers experienced a terrible drought. Their stock had been removed to the hilly country about Carcoar and Mr. Twaddell says that the only water between Forbes and Murrumbidgee during this terrible period was in a hole near Warroo.


Thomas MORRIS,   b. 18 Jun 1817, Nepean River, New South Wales, Australia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 11 Aug 1878, Bogabagil Station, Forbes, New South Wales, Australia Find all individuals with events at this location  Married  19 Mar 1838  Christ Church, Castlereagh, New South Wales, Australia Find all individuals with events at this location  [1


1846 MORRIS SOPHIA                 THOMAS SOPHIA   Buy Now


 1851 MORRIS JESSIE                    THOMAS SOPHIA   Buy Now






is herebv given that the Half-yearly General MEETING of the Company will be held on MONDAY, the 19th instant, at 3 p.m., at the Offico of Messrs. Melhado and Curtis, 165, Pitt-street, Sydney, to receivo tho Report of the Board of Directors for the half-year ending 31st December, 1876, and to transact such other business as may be brought before them, in accordance with the Deed of Settlement. I



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