James Haynes Innkeeper



James Haynes  started as a confectioner running a shop at Bathurst.  He moved out of that line of buisness and thenran an inn called the Black Bull Inn.  From there he went to the Glasgow Arms at bowenfels  in 1847/48  owned by Alexander Binning.

 the Glasgow Arms was built  in Old Bowenfels.  in 1838 by a stonemason, one of Mitchell’s road inspectors, a fellow Scot, Alexander Binning,   The Glasgow Arms, Binning’s inn just across the highway from the still standing Royal, has been  demolished and replaced by a petrol station..

The Glasgow Arms had been praised by Colonel Mundy in 1846 as ‘decidedly the best on the line,

with active and obliging people, good plain cookery and clean beds’.1

From there he went to Rose Inn, taking a formal lease from 1850 onwards.  But he died in 1851.

Then his widow  Martha Haynes took over as the licensee of the Inn.


MR. J. LOUDON begs respectfully to intimate to his friends and the public, that having contracted to run the Mail between Bathurst and Carcoar, three times a week, from the 1st of January, 1846,-it will start from Mr. Haynes's, Black Bull Inn, Bathurst, every Monday, Thursday, und Saturday, at 7 o'clock A.M., and arrive in Carcoar at 1 o'clock p M. ; and from the Travellers' Inn, Carcoar, every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 10 o'clock A.M , and arrive in Bathurst at 4 o'clock P.M. AS the Fares are to be considerably reduced, he hopes to meet with the liberal support of his friends from Bathurst and the Lachlan, as from this arrangement they will be able to do their business cither way, without any delay, and at little expense.

Mr Loudon has always on hand a stock of the best Wines, Spirits, Porter, Alep, &c, &c.

N.B-Good Stabling and Paddocks. Travellers' Inn, Carcoar,

December 17. 9868



JAMES HAYNES, Black Bull Inn, takes this opportunity of informing his numerous friends and patrons, and particu- | larly the graziers and settlers of Wellington, Carcoar, and the Lachlan districts, that he has lately erected convenient and commodious stockyards adjoining the above inn, where cattle and horses, for transit to Sydney, or for sale in the town, can be effectually secured, and every attention paid. From the situation of these stockyards the necessity of driving through the heart of the town may be avoided, as the stockyards face to the Vale Creek.

N.B. Good entertainment for man and beast._9406


WHEREAS, two Horses, one an aged bay, with broken knees, not branded, and the other a chestnut, brand near shoulder illegible, with a box dray and harness, was left in my charge on Saturday, the 5th instant, by a boy named Dunn, returning from the Turon Diggings, who stated that they be- longed to a Mr. Smith, or a Mr. Turnbull, near Parramatta, and that the horses were unable to proceed :

This is to give notice, that unless they are claimed within fourteen days from this date they-will-be sold to defray expenses.


Rose Inn, Hartley, July 21. 1731

Friday 25 July 1851




Friday 29 August 1845


TAKE NOTICE, that unless you redeem the Trunk and other Property left in my possession, within fourteen days from the date hereof, I shall cause the same to be sold in part payment of the amount due rae for board, lodging, &c.

JAMES HAYNES. Black Bull, Bathutst,

26th August, 1845. 8047


To Baker«, Pastry Oooks, and Confectioners.

THE_ Undersigned is open to treat for the disposal of a business iii the above line, which he has most succesafnlty carried on at Bathurst for the last five year« j (ho premises are in every respect well adapted for the pur- pose, and held at a moderate rent, and for eli- gibility of situation cannot be surpassed in the township, being situate in William-street, within two doors of the newly-erected building lately entered upon by the Union Bank of Australia ; the coming in for good-will, &c., will be mode- rate; the Stock-in-trade, Fixture«, and necessary article« for cairying on the business can be taken at a valuation ; possession can be given in the 1st January next, if required. To any indus trioua person a finer opening in the above line cannot effer out of Sydney, as the business is at the present time in full flourish, and the only reason for the advertiser relinquishing it is, his having enternd on auother speculation, which he Cuds will require his undivided attention.

Application (if by letter post-paid), to the undersigned, at Bathurst.


Wednesday 21 December 1842


 Entrances for the first day's races to take place at Mr. James Nairn's, Albion Inn, Hartley, on Monday tho .2 tth March, .at 7 p.m.: second day's ut Mr.*\ James-Haynes", Rose Inn,' Mt. -Victoria, oa Tuesday tuL'Üjlli,, nt 7 p.m. ; third day's at Mr. James' Haynes', Rose. Inn, Mt. Victoria, on Wednesday thc 26th, at 7 p.m
Saturday 1 March 1851


SIR.-The Iwo-year-old Colt  " Whalebone,"  will accommodate " Xauthus" to run him once

aound the Homebush Course, or heats, once round, for  £2OO, or he will run him at Bathurst, £200 to


Apply to Mr. John Perry, " Rose Inn," Penrith, or to Mr. John Tait, " Black Bull," Bathurst.

Bathurst, July 25,1848. 

MR. JAMES HAYNES, late of the  Black Bull," Bathurst, returns his sincere thanks to his numerous friends for their kind patronage, and begs to solicit a continuance of their favors for his successor. Mr. John Tait. 



BEGS to rellim his sincere timuka to his numerous frieud and customers for the very liberal support shown him duriug the three years he held the ;» Albion Inn," Hartley. He now avails himself of the present opportuuity of intimating that he bas takeu those well-known premises, THE " BLACK BULL,' Bathurst, lately occupied by Mr. James Haynes, and trusts, from his kind attention to the wants and comforts of travellers, aud the" public'generally, to merit a share of their patronage. The wines aud spirits will be found to be of the very best description, and the stabling first-rate. '

. Bathurst, July. . .



BEGS to return his sincere thanks to his numerous friend and customers tor the very liberal support shown him during the three years he held, the " Albion Inn," Hartley. He now avails himself of the present opportunity of intimating that he hus taken' those well-known premises, THE " BLACK BULL¡"

Bathurst, lately occupied by Mr. James Haynes; and trusts, from his kind attention to tit! wants and comforts of travellers, and the public generally, to merit a share of their patronage. Thej wines and spirits will be found to be of the very best description, and the stabling first-rate. !

Bathurst, July. j 143

Saturday 1 August 1846,



Saturday 1 August 1846,