Inns Across the Mountains  1835

Amelia Collits was born on 27.9.1812 at Castlereagh and baptised on 25.10.1812 at St. Matthews at Windsor.

Amelia married John Skeen on the 29.6.1832 at Kelso, via Bathurst. John Skeen was a native of Birmingham, England.

It is said that for Amelia's marriage, she rode on horseback from the Inn to Kelso, a distance of some 55 miles.

In the 1835 Newspaper there was a reference to the Inns on the Mountain Road. Of interest is the fact that there is no  eference to 'Michael Flanagans property which was the Harp of Erin,  but  Skeene's, Mount Victoria is recorded.  John Skeene, was married to the daughter of Pierce Collits, so it was possible  have had a small sandstone inn erected on Pierce's block  which become Josephs in 1846.  In 1835 Rosedale (Mt Victoria Inn)  was not yet erected,  so the reference to "Skeene's, Mount Victoria" would have to

The Travellers Inn was  just near McKanes Falls Road is today.  So Skeene's was 8 miles east of Mackanes Falls Rd.

Pierce Collits  always maintained  that the block on which Rose Inn now stands was  granted to him, and he did a bit of double dipping  when there was a shortage of surveyors. Hence he was allocated two parcels of 200 acres.  His original land block  is titled P. Collet, then crossed through as Jospeh Colletc although it is not known as to the date when the alteration was added.

There  that the first section of Rose Inn was the original Inn  based on the fact that Pierce believed the block to be his. In 1839 he signed a lease with Joseph, and Rose Inn was liced as Rose Inn with Mary Ann Perry as the publicans wife.  John Skeen died

 Thomas Mitchell objected to John Skeene. 1:He had worked on the road parties on the Western Road including  with  Skeen as the overseer. Skeene  drawn in accomplices who supported in his rorting of the system  making falsecharges against members of their gang, in order to protect those responsible for
crimes undertaken if not on the orders of the overseers then with their complicity.

On Skeene’s resignation, Surveyor General Mitchell, who had a very low opinion of him, wrote to the Colonial Secretary:
The conduct of the Road party No.9 stationed near Mt Victoria and, until lately under Overseer Skeene has been much complained of; drays have been robbed, and cattle slaughtered in the neighbourhood
of this gang ... there is every reason to believe that prisoners in that gang have been concerned in these depredations.
[The behaviour] ...of the gang is mainly attributable to this overseer who holds a ticket of leave, but which I consider it would be justice to deprive him of, although he has left the department, considering all
circumstances connected with the conduct of the gang lately under his charge, for he has built a house on the road side, and, so situated, it can scarcely be doubted that he will encourage drinking and disorder
amongst the men employed in that neighbourhood.

An example in the management of a convict workforce is presented by Assistant Overseer John Skeen. About the time of the Bruton-MacDonald altercation, Skeen was found using a government cart
to transport settler George Cox’s wool. Yet, after Bruton’s dismissal Skeen was promoted to overseer of No. 2 Iron Gang and later took charge of No.9 Road Party.
This party, while under his supervision, was responsible for numerous robberies and cattle slaughter at Mt Victoria. They were renowned for their poor behaviour and the subject of a lengthy, but ineffective, diatribe by Mitchell in October 1833.

Hence Mitchell confirmed that Skeene has resigned around 1832/33 and had built a house of ill repute.

Their  first daughter was born on September 1832 down at Castlereagh,  John and Amelia Skene obtained a license in 1835 under the sign of The Rising Sun.

Monday 20 July 1835


ACCOMMODATIONS ON THE MOUNTAIN ROAD.-Since the last License Meeting; a regular line of Inns at short stages has been established on the Mountain Road from the Nepean River to Bathurst, which renders travelling infinitely less irksome than it has been during previous years. For the guidance of travellers, we subjoin a list of the houses licensed for public accommodation, their positions, and relative distances :- Pilgrim, top of Lapstone-hill, 40 miles from Sydney ; Woolpack,   Fitzgerald's Valley, 45 ditto ; Pembroke's, Twenty-mile hollow, 55 ditto ; Weatherboard Inn, Jamison's Valley, 63 ditto;   Scotch Thistle, Pulpit-hill, 70 ditto;   Gardner's, Blackheath, 77 ditto; Skeene's, Mount Victoria, 83 ditto ; Traveller's Inn, Hassan's Walls, 91 ditto ; Mail Coach, Solitary Creek, 99 ditto ; Trafalgar Inn, Honeysuckle Flat, 108 ditto ; Green Man, Green Swamp, 120 ditto. On arrival at Bathurst, there are seven houses of entertainment on the Roxburgh or Old Settler's side of the Macquarie, and three on the New Township or Government side, the whole affording comfortable accommodation to every class of wayfarers respectively, from the luxurious traveller in his phaeton and pair, to the humble pedestrian, who forgets his fatigue over bread and cheese and beer.


Amelia Skeen was recorded as the licensee of  The Rising Sun, Mt Victoria in 1835, then John her husbasn was shown as licensee.


MARKWELL, late of the Golden Fleeos, George-street, sear the Haymarket, Sydney, begs to "return, thanks to . his numere us friends and supporters for their past favour while" In .business in Sydney, and to Inform them that he has reamed frem Sydney to Little Hartley, and has taken the above old established business as a first-class family and com- mercial Hotel, and solicits the patronage of gentlemen in the inleiior visiting Little Hartley or travelling to Sjdney.

The proprietor enters into the Rose Inn with the fallest confidence In his ability to give satisfaction to those he may have the hononr to entertain. The stables are com- modious and airy, and are under the management of an experienced and careful groom, and aro well supplied with hay and corn of the best description.

Large and oommodions cattle yards arranged well for the purpose of stock travelling to market.

January 22nd.Friday 25 January 1861


TO LET, at Bowenfels, the property of Mrs. 0. Blaring, tbat old-established Inn, GLASGOW ARMS, with Chisholm House opposite. The inn contain» 13 rooms, with atore, kitchen, outhousos, stables, &c. Ia« private houso, 12 large rooms, kitchen, laundry, oronsti, vegetablo garden, i.e. ; with the estate, 400 aoret, nts furniture to be taken at a fair valuation. Rent moderáis*

Apply to Arthur Cubitt, boase agent, Bridge-street.Tuesday 3 December 1872

Monday 23 August 1852


riO LET, aM ESSUAGE or Dwell i ing HOUSE, containing seven apartments, with detached kitchen, stable, and coach house, and an excellent yard, facing the Old Toll Bar. Inquire of Mr. George Segerson, Castlereagh street, next door to Mr. Pettit's Hotel. February 6th, 1843. 277


Thursday 30 March 1843

TO PUBLICANS AND OTHERS. rO LET, with immediate possession, JT that well established Family HO IEL and PUBLIC-HOUSE known as the " Victoria Inn," on the Bathurst road, in the district of Hartley, in the county of Bathurst. The house is stone built, containing ten rooms, with detached kitchen, cellars, stabling, and other buildings required for conducting a firstrate establishment; trgether with twelve hundred and eighty acres of arable pasture and wood land. The present tenant, Mr. Rotten, who is leaving the business to cultivate his farm, will part with his (which is small) and the greater part of his furniture and business utensils, on such terms as may be mutually agreed upon. Such an opportunity for entering into a firstrato business may not occur for years. Apply to Mr. Hercules Watt, Phillip-street, Sydney; or J. Liscombe, Esq., B3athurst. 679

Australasian Chronicle (Sydney, NSW : 1839-1843) Thursday 6 April 1843 p 4 Advertising
... Hotel. February 6th, 1843. 277 TO PUBLICANS AND OTHERS. rO LET, with immediate possession, JT that well ... the district of Hartley, in the county of Bathurst. The house is stone built, containing ten rooms, ... Esq., George street; or to Mr. Ai. (cannon, Argyle.street. Sydney, March 30. 755 SEAHORSE HOTEL, ... 2226 words