HUGH BEATTIE and the Kerosene Inn


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HUGH BEATTIE and the Kerosene Inn

Hugh  Beattie married and Mary Rolston  and lived at  Windsor, NSW where he was a farmer.  Three of their children were born in this area before they moved to Hill End near Bathurst as the lure of riches enticed them  to the gold fields. They must have acquired some rewards for then they moved to Hartley and acquired 100 acres of  land on the Bathurst Road in 1857 where they built 2 small cottages one for their house and the other as a small inn,  (Alfred was born was they were living there).   They sold the land and the cottages to  George & Elizabeth Jarvis who then enlarged the cottage and this became known as the Kerosene Inn run by John Meade.  Today it is run as Meadís Farm.

Photos:   Kerosene Cottage in 1872  



Hugh died on 13th march 1890 in Junee


1.        Joshua - 40

2.        Eliza - 29

3.        Sarah - 30

4.        Mary-Ann - 31

5.        Jane - 32

6.        James - 21

7.        Martha Lydia - 33

8.        William Hugh - 34

9.        Caroline - 35

10.     Thomas Henry - 36

11.     John - 37

12.     Emily - 38

13.  Alfred - 39




 Mary and Hugh had the following children

1.        Joshua Beattie -  Birth Date: 29 May 1842 Birth Place: Redfern

2.        Eliza Beattie - Birth Date: 10 Jul 1843 Birth Place: Redfern

3.        Sarah (b.1845),: 9 Nov 1844  Birth Place: Redfern

4.        Mary A (b.1846), 1 Birth Date: 25 May 1846 Birth Place: Bronte House Sydney

5.        Jane (b.1847), Birth Date: 27 Aug 1847 Birth Place: Bronte House  Sydney

6.        James (b.1849)Birth Date: 9 Mar 1849 Birth Place: Hill End. Bathurst NSW

7.      Martha Lydia (b.1850 at Hill End),

8.      William M (b.1852)

9.      Caroline

10.  Thomas Henry

11.  Emily,

12.  Alfred (1860),

13.  John Hugh. 


Hugh died in 1862 at Chippendale and son James died in 1863.

Ralph Beattie Died age Three


Marys Daughter became Dame Mary Gilmore


Martha was baptised a Weslyn Methodist which suggests that they had some connections with the families at Castlereagh Road.




b. 9 September 1850, Hill End, Bathust, NSW.
m. 5/1/1867, Thomas Davis, 1867, North Wagga Wagga, NSW.
d. 1906. Martha was baptised a Weslyan Methodist. She and Thomas had five known children; Alfred, Hugh, Mary Martha, Emily Sarah, William (b.1867

    and Kerosene Inn