The Farriers Arms, James Bergin

WESTERN ROAD, LITTLE HARTLEY.-To be SOLD by private contract, that well-known PUBLIC-HOUSE, the sign of the FARRIERS' ARMS, opposite the property of Joseph Colletts, Esq., in the above township, and fronting the main road leading from Sydney to Bathurst, and to the Western diggings generally. The house is now in full trade and doing a good business, and to any person of business habits seeking a first-class house and premises as an hotel would unquestionably lead to a comfortable competency.

Title, unquestionable.

The present proprietor having erected  the buildings and resided on the  property for the   last eleven years, having established a first-rate business connection, only parts with it on account of ill-health, and intends removing up the  country to follow other pursuits for   benefit of his health, The house is built of brick on a solid stone foundation, and  is always dry in the wettest weather, being on a slightly elevated position, by some few feet above the level of the road.

The house contains, in addition to a large bar and spacious taproom, two parlours, seven bedrooms ; a spacious hall goes through the centre from the front entrance to the kitchen and store room, which is detached. The house is 60 feet long, a verandah 8 feet wide and flagged, runs the whole length ; the roof is shingled and waterproof.

The out-buildings consist of a six-stall stable, horse-box, and coachhouse, in excellent repair, and a dry loft, capable of containing twelve tons of hay ; there is also a large shed, stock-yard, piggery and fowl-house ; there is also a kitchen garden of about an acre, well stocked with fruit trees; a cultivation paddock of an acre, now under cultivation; also a grass paddock. Adjoining is a brick yard, fronting the main road with a good slab hut thereon. The whole is securely fenced in with a substantial three-railed split fence, and are all subdivided with the same.

There is also a blacksmith's shop erected on the premises, and fronting the road in which a very good trade has for a number of years been carried on, and is alone a competency for an industrious man carrying on the trade, it being a good stand both for agricultural and a road-side business. The whole is about four acres, more or less. Possession can be given at anytime, as may be agreed on, and all information and further particulars can be obtained, either by letter or personally, from the proprietor, on the premises, who will treat with intending purchasers on liberal terms.




Saturday 30 April 1864,




FOR SALE, at LITTLE  HARTLEY, a PUBLIC HOUSE with 6 stalled stable, horse-box, coach-house several large sheds for hay, &.c , garden well stocked with fruit trees , also  46 acres of land adjoining  the property. Is now let at a rental of 80 per annum Apply to JAMES BERGIN, Little Hartley


There is evidence of footings from around 1830 at the site of Nioka which once was The Farrier Arms  was built in  1853 and ran by James Bergin  till 1866 when Robert Kirk took over for a year then James  resumed from 1868 till 1870. 

James  Bergin arrived in the colony in 1815 aged 32 from Queen County, Ireland.  He was married at Hartley on the 13th Nov 1848 to Sarah Calgan, of Elfin, County Roscommen, Ireland  and they had  seven children  Mary in 1850, James in 1851, John in 1853, Bernard in 1855, Patrick in 1858, William in 1860 and Thomas in 1863. 

He ran the Farriers Arms Inn as a coaching inn at Little Hartley on the Bathurst Road, next door to the Mt Victoria Inn, until it was closed  in 1868??   It is currently known as Nioka.

To be question is the report  the following:  Between 1857 and 1877 Nioka was Licensed to the Delaneys of Rosedale.

 It is   thought  that Nioka is built on footings of an Inn from the 1830's . The current Nioka is thought to be built in the years  1876-1877

 Nioka in the 1960's when the road went straight past the front door.

CADVERTIStENT. I - To tile Editor of the Australasian Chronicle. L R,.-Allow us through bho medium of your journal to express ourgratitude for the kindness evinced by the Captain and Doctor of the Resource to the Emigrants during the voyage. The sttention of these gentlemen to the comfort of each individual has been unremitted throughout, and de licacies have been furnished the sick from the table of the Captain in'the shape of puddings, fowls, &c. By the strict attention of thi Doctor we escaped the dreadful consequences of fever with which we were at one time tirreatened; le at all times was willing to attend the humblest individual on board, either by day or night, and our number has been increased by two (with only one death, an infant) since our departure from our native land. The stores furnished us have been excellent, and we feel convinced that everything has been done which could relieve the monotony of a long and tedious-voyage

. Trusting you will give insertion to this; we beg to subscribe ourselves, James Bergin , Thomas Bergin Robert Snow John Bergin Daniel Teirny Daniel Bergin Timothy lHickey Thomas Chilmore William Dutston Patrick Garrathy James Teirny John Cashman John St. Legere M. Williamson Thomas Thornton John Farrell Telence 1loran . Thomas Rodgers Edward Nocton Timothy Ml'Aulill Mlichoel Walsli MI. D. Roach John Brian Con. Ilickey. Emigrants per Resource. December 26, 1840. .751

Australasian Chronicle (Sydney, NSW : 1839-1843) Thursday 31 December 1840 p 3 Advertising

DI SOLUTION of Partnership-The Part,ncrihip that existed between Thomas Bergin and Patrick Hogan, in the Tallow Chandling business, in Gloucester Street, is this day dissolved by mutual consent.

Witness. James Bergin.

THOMAS BERGIN. witness James Bergin. PATRICK H0GAN Sydney, November 21. 

Tuesday 22 November 1842



Sydney Chronicle (NSW : 1846-1848) Wednesday 11 November 1846 p 3 Advertising



Collected from Juvenile Friends, per Mr. Andrews, Hunter-street ...... 2 12 3 Mr. Andrews, (2nd subscription) ...... 0 5 0 Collected by Mr. John Mather, of Armidale, New England ...... 38 11 0

Collected at Hartley. Mr. James Magner ..,.,. 1 0 0

Malachi Ryan 0 .... 010 0

A Friend *.... i O 5 0

Mr. Jolm Finn 1 0 0

Michael J. Finn ...... 1 0 0

John Arkins ...... 1 0 0

Patrick Phillips ..... O 10 0

Mrs. Phillips ...... 10 0

Mr.James M'Cay ...... 10 0

John Maxwell, J.P. 2 0 0

H Atkins, J.P. ...... 5 0 0

Patrick Hopkins 0 10 0

James Bergin  ...... 0 5 0

 Patrick Golden ...... 0 5 0

George M'Grath ..... 0 3 0

Patrick Charleton ...... 0 5 0

James Gansay ...... O 5 0

George Jervis 0.... 0 10 0

Mrs. Ellen Purcell ...... 0 5 0

Mr. John Grant ... 2 10 0

A. Benning ..0... 0 5 0

 John M'Lennan ......1 0 0

Jeremiah Grant ...... 1 0 0

Rev. Thomas Slattery ...... 5 5 0

Mr. Thomas L'Estrange ..... 1 0 0

Mrs. T'Estrange ...... 0 10 0

Mr. James  Flanagan ..... 1 0 0

Mrs. Flanagan ... .. O 10 0

Mr. M. Lynch ..... 0 5 0

J. Cox ...... 0 5 0

Thomas Sntitir - - .. - 01 0

Thomas Ward ....... 0 5 0

Mrs. Ward ..... 5 n

Thomas James ...... 1 0. 0

Mr. Peter'Bahan 0..... O 10 0

Lawrence O'Neil ...... 10 0

Thomas Whliitten .. ... 0 10 0

Charles M'Govern ...... 0 10 0

Josiah Baldwin .....0 10 0

Mrs. Baldwin ...... 0 10 0

Mr.James  Govenan .. ... 0 10 0

David Cosgrove ...... 0 10 0

Mrs. Cosgrove ... O 10 0

Mr. Martin Kirwin 0..... 0 10 0

John Cosgrove ...... 0 10 0

Patrick Cosgrove 0... 0 10 0

Patrick Boylm ...... 0 10 0

Thomas Edwards ....... 0 10 it

John Booth ...... 0 10 0

38 4 0


    The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Tuesday 14 November 1848 Supplement: Extraordinary to the Sydney Morning Herald p 3 Article
    ... arrest. The names are as follow : - James Crotty, alias Captain Crotty, Roscrea ; James Baker, alias Captain Baker, with William Walsh, Henry Brackston, Edward Beahan, An- drew Beahan, Thomas Bergin, Richard Bergin, Richard Johnson, and John Shee- han, each holding the same rank in the rebel ... 1852 words
  • IRELAND. THE BATTLE OF BOULAGH. [From the Times, August 2.]
    Colonial Times (Hobart, Tas. : 1828-1857) Friday 8 December 1848 p 4 Article

    1858 BERGIN                 (f JAMES m SARAH       HARTLEY)