Ebenezer Vickery-Landowner Hartley
  Ebenezer Vickery (1827-1906), who was one of Australia’s wealthiest men. Vickery, a prominent merchant, manufacturer, philanthropist and politician, built a vast financial empire and was one of the largest station owners and property speculators in the New South Wales.

The Largest Land Holder

Kanimbla Estate.

Originally granted to John Oxley and Nathanial Norton in 1824 it contained 10,000 acres which was re-surveyed and came up to 12,150 acres.  The major portion of this land was let to farmers. In 1875 the estate was bought by Ebenezer Vickery who employed J W Berghofer as the manager.    An additional area of 4000 acres was bought from the  estate of Dr Redfern bringing the land total up to 18,670  acres of freehold land.  At one period nearly the whole of the Megalong Valley was held under lease but this area was lost in the 1880’s when the government land was thrown open for selector’s. 

The whole of the freehold land was fenced and subdivided with wire fencing it being the first property in this locality to use wire as a fencing material.


n the early 1900s Ebenezer Vickery of Kanimbla Station established a freezing works on Blackheath Creek to process rabbit carcasses which were transported to the railway at Mt Victoria for sale at the Sydney markets; it is said over 1 million rabbits were processed out of the Megalong Valley.

The land was sold to Ebenezer by Joseph Collits and his wife Martha in 187 for 40 pounds  30  acres  adjoining John and Jane Delaney



Ebenezer VICKERY on 28th Feb 1851 at Wesleyan Methodist, Sydney NSW. Jane must have come to Australia before her father.);