The Eagle & Child  Hartley
  In 1837 Phillip Mylecharane opened an Inn which was named The Eagle & Child.    
In the 1890's the substantial stone "Eagle and Child" contained 13 rooms and in 1886 had been let at £10 per year on an improvement lease for five years to Edward Delaney.
After being fined by the Bathurst bench for illegally selling spirits, in 1836 Philip Mylecharane opened "The Eagle and Child" named after a Manx legend, initially with James Rossie as publican, then from 1838 under his own license.

George McGrath, too, was in the spirits business whenever he could get away with it.63  On 27 May 1836 he was fined £30 for retailing liquor without a licence.64 

 In 1839 "The Beehive" inn was established on his property with William Eames, an ex-soldier of the 17th Regiment, as publican.65

HIS Excellency the Governor has been pleased to approve of the appointment of William Eames, free, to be a Constable of Stockade, in the room of Cosgrove, dismissed for misconduct.



BEGS to acquaint his Friends and the Public generally, that on the 1st July next, it is his intention to open at Hassan's Wall, a General Wholesale Store for Spirits and Goods in general.

Hassan's Wall,   26th June, 1837.



BIRTH. On the 6th instant, at her residence, Hassan's Walls, the wife of Mr. Philip Mylecharane, Eagle and Child Hotel, of a son. Friday 13 February 1846

£5 REWARD.—Stolen out of my stable, at Hassanswalls, on the 13th   instant, by Thomas Gately, late stud groom to William Lawson, Esq., a chesnut Mare, with saddle and bridle—mare branded JC on one shoulder, and IE on the other, one of the hind legs white. The above reward will be given to any person that will give any information that may lead to the recovery of mare, saddle, bridle, and conviction of thief.

PHILIP   MYLECHARANE  Eagle Inn, Hassanswalls, via Hartley,

The  "Eagle and Child" Inn, image of ruins taken in 1932.  (RAHS journal0

February 20. 4376


DIED. On Sunday, the 31st October, at his residence, Bowenfells, Philip Mylecharane, aged 53 years, leaving a large family and numerous friends to deplore their loss.

Friday 12 November 1852


Philip died  on the 31 Oct 1852 in Kelso, of Tuberculosis. His son James also died on 15 Nov 1852 in Hassans Wall's, of Tuberculosis.




In the Will of Philip Mylecharane, late of Hassan's Walls, in the district of Hartley, in the Colony of New South Wales, Licensed Victualler, deceased.

TAKE NOTICE, that Esther Mylecharane, of Hassan Walls aforesaid, widow of the above-named Philip Mylecharane, deceased, and John Ford, of Kelso, in the district of Bathurst, in the said colony, farmer and grazier, the executrix and executor named in the Will of the said Philip Mylecharane, intend at the expiration of fourteen days from the publication hereof to apply to this Honor- able Court for probate of the said Will.

Dated this fifteenth day of December, A.D. 1852.  



Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.

In the Goods of James Mylecharane, late of Solitary Creek, in the District of Hartley, in the Colony of New South Wales, Licensed Victualler, deceased,

TAKE NOTICE, that Eliza Mylecharane, of Solitary Creek, aforesaid,  widow of the above named James Mylecharane, deceased, will, at the expiration of fourteen days from the publication hereof, apply to this Honourable Court, that letters of Administration of the goods, chattels, credits, and effects of the said deceased be granted to her. Dated this fifteenth day of December, A.D., 1852.


Proctor for the said Eliza Mylecharane, Bathurst ; by L. O. D. JAMES, 197, Elizabeth- street, Sydney. 7741

Tuesday 21 December 1852


1838 Mylecharane Phillip County of Cook The Eagle & Child

1839 Mylecharane Philip Hagans Wall, Vale of Clwyd The Eagle and Child


1853 Mylecharane Eliza Hartley The Woodman 726 5064

1853 Mylecharane Esther Hartley The Eagle & Child 717 5062

1856 Mylecharane Esther Hartley The Eagle & Child

1842 Mylecharane Philip Hartley The Eagle & Child 241 5057

1843 Mylecharane Philip Hartley The Eagle & Child 36 5058

1844 Mylecharane James Penrith The Woolpack Inn 525 5059

1844 Mylecharane Philip Hartley The Eagle & Child 99 5059

1845 Keenan Michael Bathurst The Travellers Inn 39 5059

1845 Mylecharane James Penrith The Woolpack Inn 337 5059

1845 Mylecharane Philip Hartley The Eagle & Child 182 5059

1846 Mylecharane James Penrith The Woolpack Inn 308 5060

1846 Mylecharane Phillip Hartley The Eagle & Child 310 5064

1847 Mylecharane Esther Hartley The Eagle & Child 297 5065

1847 Mylecharane James Hartley The Eagle & Child 211 5061

1848 Mylecharane James Hartley The Eagle & Child 61 5058


MARRIAGES. By special license, on the 7th December, at Parramatta, by the Rev. J. Coutts, Mr. H. McPherson, of Bathurst, to Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr. Morton, Albury, and relict of the late Mr. James  Mylecharane, of Hartley.

Saturday 9 December 1854

 ANNIE MYLECHARANE,  m. JOSEPH GEORGE WOOD, 27 March, 1849, Bowenfels,
 When Annie was married Philip was celebrating the birth of his youngest son  Joseph George MYLECHARANE b: 21 Jan 1849.  Joseph was just 3 years old when his father died.
 died 31 October, 1852 in Kelso [Phillip Mylecharane (1798-1852) held a publican's licence in the County of Cook from 1838 and traded as "The Eagle and Child Hotel." From 1847 the licence was held by his son James (1825-1852) and from 1853 by Esther (wife of Philip) Mylecharane, and later by Bridgit Mylecharane (widow of James or John). The family came from the Isle of Man. The hotel was at Hassan's Walls, Bowenfels and was situated on 80 acres of land that Philip had bought in 1825. Of this, 20 acres was cultivated. Esther had two sisters in NSW who had been transported as convicts for theft. Philip applied for convicts to work his land.]


Mr. Phillip Mylecharane, whose death is announced, at the age of 86, was a member of the well-known pioneer family of that name associated with the Hartley district, Blue Mountains. Born in the Isle of Man on October 23, 1830, be came to Australia with his parents as a child of two, and was reared "in the Mountains." ln partnership with the late John Ford  of Bathurst   he ran the mall coaches from Penrith to the West in the old bushranging days, until the contract was absorbed by W. Cobb and Company. Fifty-seven years ago tomorrow, he married Jane, eldest daughter of the late Mr. W. R. Watt, who represented the Lachlan district in the first Legislativa Assembly of New South Wales. After a term, during which he was engaged in pastoral and mining pursuits, Mr. Mylecharane became associated with the firm of Messrs. Richard Goldsborough and Co., since which time he has been prominently connected with the wool trade. In 1906, in company with Messrs. Schute, Bell, and Moser, he started the now well-known firm of Schute, Bell, and Co., of which he was a director at the time of his death.

As "Uncle Phil," the late Mr. Mylecharane was one of the most popular and best-known figures not only in the Sydney wool trade, but numerous country showgrounds. His stories about the bushranging days were particularly interesting. He owned the coach when the Eugowra gold escort was stuck-up. As a racehorse owner he at one time kept a string of handsome thoroughbreds. The late "Brickey" Colley, a one-time crack jockey, rode his first winner while associated with Mr. Mylecharane's stable. James Ashworth and Joseph Cain also rode in his colours, both in later years holding the position of clerk of the course at Randwick.

Mr. Mylecharane leaves a widow, two daughters, and a son, Mr. James Mylecharane, also of the firm of Messrs. Schute, Bell, and Company.

Tuesday 24 April 1917


 Children of Philip & Esther
  1. Has Children James MYLECHARANE b: 9 Jul 1823 in Ballaugh,Isle Of MAN,England
  2. Has Children John MYLECHARANE b: 9 Jan 1825 in Ballaugh, Isle Of Man, England
  3. Has Children Annie MYLECHARANE b: 21 Dec 1826 in Ballaugh,Isle Of MAN,England
  4. Has Children Jane MYLECHARANE b: 8 Nov 1828 in Ballaugh,Isle Of MAN,England
  5. Has Children William Philip MYLECHARANE b: 24 Oct 1830 in Ballaugh,Isle Of MAN,England
  6. Has Children Elizabeth "Betsy" MYLECHARANE b: 29 Oct 1832 in Sydney,N.S.W.,Australia c: 21 Nov 1832 in Parramatta,N.S.W.,Australia
  7. Has No Children Daniel MYLECHARANE b: 1834 in Parramatta,N.S.W.,Australia
  8. Has Children Charles MYLECHARANE b: 29 Jan 1837 in Parramatta,N.S.W.,Australia c: 1837 in Parramatta,N.S.W.,Australia
  9. Has No Children Thomas MYLECHARANE b: 14 May 1841 in Hartley,N.S.W.,Australia
  10. Has Children Albert Alexander MYLECHARANE b: 2 Feb 1846 in Hartley,N.S.W.,Australia c: 1846 in Abercrombie District,Bathurst,N.S.W.
  11. Has Children Joseph George MYLECHARANE b: 21 Jan 1849 in Hartley, New South Wales, Australia


 : Arrived in Australia on 29 Oct. 1828 on the ship "Sarah", as Free Immigrants.

Esther died 29 Jan 1880 in Monteagle NSW