Dr William Redfern
  • William REDFERN
  • Prefix: Dr
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1778 in Canada ?
  • Death: 17 JUL 1833 in Edinburgh Scotland
  • Immigration: as a convict 14 DEC 1801 Sydney Nsw Aust
  • Event: "Minorca" ship 1801
  • Occupation: as a doctor 1802
  • _DATE2: 1826 Sydney Nsw Aust
  • _RIN: 110 1
  • Note: BIOGRAPHY: William Redfern arrived in Australia as a convict on the "Minorca" in 1801. He had qualified as a Doctor by passing tne examinations of the Company of Surgeons London. He was a Surgeons mate in the Navy at the time of of his arrest. He escaped the death penalty for his roll in the Mutiny of Nore 12 May 1797-13 June 1797. (The Mutiny was the result of the sailors discontent with their conditions.)William pleaded to be transported after lanquishing for 4 years in jail in England. He was granted a pardon in 1803. Was sent to Norfolk Island as assistant Surgeon and was there from 1802-1808 when he returned to Sydney and was appointed Assistant Surgeon in Sydney from 1808-1819.In 1817 was a founding member of the Bank of New South Wales. He was a landholder in Sydney in the area that is named after him Redfern. He was the most skilled and popular surgeon in Sydney and family doctor to Governor Macquarie. He is said to be the father of Australian medicine. He did a great deal in improving the lot of convicts being sent to the colonies and was one of the first to be involved in immunization. He returned to England in 1821 and in January 1824 was on the Island of Madeira for his Health. He retired in 1826 and returned to England about 1828. He died in Scotland in 1833.
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    Marriage 1 Sarah WILLS b: 23 APR 1796 in London England
    • Married: 4 MAR 1811 in Sydney Nsw Aust
    1. Has No Children William Lachlan Macquarie REDFERN b: 27 JUL 1819 in Sydney New South Wales Aust
    2. Has No Children Joseph Foveaux REDFERN b: 7 FEB 1823 in Sydney Nsw Aust

    1. Title: Colonial Secretary index 1788-1825
      Author: State records NSW
      Abbrev: State records NSW
      Abbrev: Colonial Sec