The Delaneys At Mt Victoria Inn

Date last updated: 17/03/2011

  Nicholas Delaney Snr was born in Ireland c.1772.  Nicholas, a labourer, was caught up in the 1798 Rebellion and after spending over a year in prison, was sentenced to death in December 1799.  He appealed this sentence and in January 1800 the sentence was commuted to transportation.  Nicholas arrived in the colony on the ship Atlas II in October 1802.   In 1821 Nicholas petitioned for a publican's licence in Penrith which he was granted, along with the right to run the ferry across the Nepean River.  

Nicholas died at Regentville on 3rd Sept 1834 at the age of 62.  He had married Elizabeth Bayley and their daughter Martha (born in 1824) married John Sherringham in 1824 at St Marys .Hence she became Martha Sherringham,  John Sherringhams brother- James married Mary Collits- Joseph Collits sister. She became Mary Sherringham.  When she died in March 1851 ‎at the age of 24 - James  then married  Martha Gulley at Rose Inn on 12th October 1852  - also she became another Martha Sherringham.  They then took over the running of the Rose Inn - which was owned by Joseph Collits in 1852.    

However before James died- together with Martha , they took over the running of the Mt Victoria Inn.  When James died in 1862 at  Mt Victoria Inn aged 47- Martha then married Joseph Collits - she became Martha Collits.

So Joseph and Martha ( neeGulley) then owned the mortgage on Mt Victoria Inn.

Bit confusing isnt it!

( Martha Delaney - John Sherringhams wife, lived at St Marys till 26 July 1906 at the age of 82)  

Delaneys Butcher Shop at Mt Victoria Inn in 1880's. Farriers Inn standing in the background


Advertisement from 1880's