The Crown Inn  Explosion
In 1881 the Crown Inn was destroyed in an explosion.   The Sydney Morning Herald of 18 August 1881 described the accident in graphic detail.



SYDNEY, Wednesday.

About 8 o'clock on Monday morning a dreadful accident occurred at Mrs. Paddison's Hotel, Crown Ridge, distant about 20 miles from Wallerwang, on the Mudgee-road, It appears that a gentleman named Charles Gault, who was acting as agent for a dynamite company, had made an appointment with Mr, Monie and Mr, Morton, two of the Mudgee railway contractors, to meet .them that morning at Mrs. Paddison's hotel, for the purpose of testing the dynamite, some of which he was trying to dispose of to them.

When the servant girl took his breakfast into the room, Mr. Gault was seated at the table writing. But a few minutes had elapsed after the girl left the room when an awful explosion was heard. On the smoke and dust clearing away, and when the confusion had subsided, it was noticed that the whole building, with the exception of the bar and two adjoining rooms, had been completely demolished. Mrs. Paddison and her family escaped unhurt, but they received a great shock, and were blackened from head to foot.

A search was made for the unfortunate gentleman, when one leg with a portion of the body attached was found hanging to the rafters, the trunk and a portion of the head being discovered on the roof of the kitchen about 30 yards away from the scene of the explosion. The entrails and the other leg were tom to shreds, and distributed in every direction, A magisterial inquiry was held at the hotel on Tuesday, when a verdict of " Killed by the accidental explosion of dynamite," was returned. Shortly after the inquiry was held the remains were placed in a coffin, and taken to Bowenfels for interment. The face has not yet been found. The quantity of dynamite that must have exploded was 14 1b., as that was the quantity the unfortunate deceased had previously stated he had brought for testing.