Collits Notices

STOLEN or STRAYED from my Farm, near Mount Victoria, one bay Entire Colt, branded on the near shoulder FF ; also, one grey Horse, branded on the near shoulder JC, under the saddle JY. Any person delivering the same to Joseph Collits, will receive the above reward; if stolen, Ten Pounds will be given on conviction of the offenders. The bay Entire Colt was last seen about the 1st November last, the grey Horse was last sees on the 10th May last.


Friday 29 July 1842


FROM two thousand to two thousand and two hundrod of aheep, now depas ! turing on the Lachlan River. The sheep are f young and warranted never to have been , disobi-ed-they will be sold for cash, or ex ! changed for cattle as rn'iv ho required, cr»[ application personally, or it by letter, peat I paid, to


Mount York,

Hartley N. B.-The Ewes nil1 ommence lam bli g ou tile 1st oí August. . 95U

Saturday 20 June 1846