Collits Inn at Riverlett

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  Pierce Collits has been  granted 3 acres at the proposed new town at River Lett as part of a ' land grant promised by-Sir Richard Bourke, on the 24th March, 1834, to Mr. Pierce Collits'.  The preliminary survey shows the  lot  as running horizontal to the river.  An amended plan then changed the grant  as per fig 2.   

On the 4/6/1838 there is a note on an undated plan marked Hartley showing 3 acres to Pierce Collits near the Bridge on River Lett.  There is also a note saying for the 317 acres required to make up the 320 acres compensation to Pierce Collits  in B115-691 320 acres at Canowindra on the Belubula River by compensation. W.R.Davidson duly measured 3 acres for Collits forwarded his plan in June 1838 and reported 'that there is already a large and commodious house nearly completed on the ground.  In the deposition of one Patrick O’Connor in a hearing on 17 August, 1838 there is reference to Rawsthorne’s Public House at the foot of Mount Victoria.”

Map below taken from Map No 3101. by Surveyor Butler. 

Survey of a proposed Scite for a Town at the River Lett.

There is added at a later date  Appld Col Sec Letter 39/143...price 2 per acre Notified in Government Gazette  for 1838 Fol 12

The Town Allotments  Map of 1836 Map no 3101


Colonial Secretary's Office, Sydney, 21st September 1939



621 Pierce Collitts, three hundred and seventeen  acres, parish Unnamed, at Corroindra.

Promised by Sir Ralph Darling on the 13th January, 1831, and possession given on 24th 

March 1834, being part of an additional grant of 320 acres.

Quit rent £2 I2s 10d sterling per annum, commencing 1st January, 1835.


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