Capital, £75,000, in 15,000 shares of £5 each.

Preliminary deposit of £1 per share to be paid on application, and the remaining sum of £4 per share with a fourteen days of allotment, or deposits will be forfeited.

Operation will be commenced as auon as the amount of 8000 shares are subscribed and paid up.

In the event of the required number of shares not bein' subscribed for, the Directors undertake to return the de posits in full.


William Nundle, Esq , Melbourne Cyrus Hewitt, Esq, ditto

William Williams, Esq., ditto Mathew M'Caw, Esq , ditto

John R. Ricards, jun , Esq , ditto John Halfey,Esq., ditto A. L. Blake, Ksq., ditto F. B. Clapp, Etq.. ditto

G. B. Perkins, Esq , Swan Hill

William Woods, Esq , S Midhurst Thomas Ogilvie, Esq., Geelong J. D. Robinson, Esq., ditto

Hugh M'Pbllliuiy, Esq , ditto C. C. Skarratt, Esq., ditto T. A. Lascelles, Esq., ditto J. T. Fallen, Esq .Albury

David Jones, Esq , Ballaarat Wulter Craig, Esq., ditto

A lesnnder Kelly, Esq, ditto

Frederick Taylor, Esq.. Castlemaine Edward Cay, Esq , ditto

B. Butterworth, Esq , ditto Caleb Anderson, Esq., ditto

Charles Croaker, Esq., Portland B. H. Feinald, Esq , Pitfield

William Malcolm, Esq., Hamilton Joel Tompkins, Esq., Raglan Oliver Cooper, Esq , Ararat J. L. Rumley, Bq., Belfast

Francis Tozer, Esq., Warrnambool.

With power to add to their number.

Bankers-Bank of New South Wales.

Solicitor- W. H. Gatty Joues, Esq.

Secretary-W. Kent Hall, Esq.

The magnitude of the interests involved in the operationa connected with the various stage lines for passenger and mall conveyance radiating from the cities of Melbourne and Geelong, has engaged, for some time past, the attention of the projectors of this enterprise, with a view to concentrate under one co-operative management the various and often conflicting interests of individual proprietors.

It is anticipated that under the ompices of a reiponsible and influential joint stock proprietary, and in contemplation of the opening of the Melbourne and Sandhurst, and Geelong and Ballarat line  of railway, the business would assume a permanent form, and the sphere of its operations be profitably extended.

Overland communication with Sydney by a main trunk line, with branches diverging to the more important townships on the route, including the Snowy River dis trlct, would appear to be amongst the legitímalo and immediate extensions of this enterprise, to accomplish which a very small additional outlay will be needed, as a large quantity of surplus stock, the property of the present proprietors, is available for the purpose.

It is conceived that in tho responsibility of such a joint stock company as is proposed to bo formed, the Govern-ment would recognise the necessary seenrity to justify it > in availing itself of the company's lines, and establishing . an escort for the daily conveyance of gold, thus decreasing the risk, relieving the pnblic revenue to a great extent of the present expensive mode ol' ti anspart by Government escort, and materially adding to the receipts of the company.

With these views negotiations have been opened with the Victorian Slago Company, Messrs. F. B. Clapp and Co. (proprietors of the lines known as Cobb and Co.'s . Telegraph Lines), and other coach proprietors, who have recognised the desirability of toe objects referred to ; valuations of their stock have been made by competent and disinterested valuators, and calculations based upon reliable current ace units have been entered into, with a result so satisfactory as to justify the recommendation of the enterprise to the favourable consideration of the public as a sound and profitable ' investment. The fact that the proprietors have expressed a wish to receive in part payment ol' tie price of their lines os valued, one-fonrtli part in shares of the company, may- be accepted as some guarantee to intending shareholders ' of the genuineness of the undertaking.


In order to distribute the influence of the company as much as possible, it is proposed to allot a proportion of shaves in the adjoining colonies ; a limited number only .will therefore be issued in Melbourne, Geelong, and the in-land districts of Victoria.

As the receipts of this Company will be in cash, and the . whole of the stock being in a nigh state of efficiency, need ing no outlay for present requirements, it may bo confidently anticipated that a dividend will be declared at an early date.

It is determined that no transfer of shares shall be recognised uLtil tho 1st January, 1861, when the transfer book of the Company will be opened.


The share list will remain open until the 12th June, and the allotment made as soon After as practicable.

Forms of application for sharoB to be obtained of Messrs. S. O. Burt and Co, in Sydney : and of the secretary, \V. Kent Hall. Office-No. 3, Hall of Commerce, Melbourne.