The Coach Drivers Challenge
  Around 1854 things  began to get competative on the Great Western Road.  With the  Gold Rush starting a stampede, many coaching companies were vying for the business.  Of course those seeking their fortune, could not afford the cost of the coach travel.  

CHALLENGE for 500.-On my return from Bathurst today, I was shown an advertisement in the Sydney Horning Herald of Monday last, with the above heading, and in reply thereto, I am willing to accept the same, vii., to produce a Coach and Horses better than what is driven by Thomas Symonds, coachman to Mr. John Perry, between Penrith and Hartley.

 I am also open to drive four horses against him or say any other dive four horses  horses that are now working on the line of road between Penrith and Hartley  right through.

The money to be found at the Rose Inn, Penrith,  same day

G, KENDALL. Penrith, 19th July, 1854