James Annesley  Store Ledger Sheet.

James Annesley  store ledger sheet.  Although it is quite difficult to read,  this ledger appears to go from 1857 through to the 1920's. George Jarvis was appointed Post Master in  1857.  The first entries are believed to be records of the money order system which was first put into place with dates of 1858, but then goes on to record general purchases from the store in 1920 , such as "Cuffs" as well as other sundry items, which were paid for  "Cr by Potatoes" 1.0.0.  Again the next year in October James paid his account worth 1.0.0.in potatoes.

Why the vast difference in the years?  Perhaps there was a shortage of ledger books and they used an old book which still had spare pages. Perhaps some scholar can shed some light on this.

(Currency value:  1 was worth 20 shillings., there were 10 pennies in a shilling,  hence the top of the ledger .s.d.)