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There was  3 acres at River Lett that Pierce had negotiated  as part of his settlement for lost trade in 1834. He arranged for it to be re assigned to his daughter Sophia in 1841.


When Thomas Rawsthorne died in 1837, Sophie then married  Thomas Morris in March 1838 and the Inn was in the process of building when the Surveyor came in June 1838  to measure it.  The property was up for sale in  May 1839 probably as a result of the drought was impacting on all investments, and even many wealthy capitalists were being forced to the wall of insolvency.  


The Inn was advertised for sale 'on the 6th May 1939  and on the 24th June 1839 the Publicans license lists Thomas Morris for the Royal Garter Inn.



55. Sophia Morris, Three acres, county of Cook, parish unnamed, village of Hartley, commencing on the  Bathurst new line of road at the north-west corner of section No. 5, of the village of Hartley, and bounded westerly by a line south 33 degrees, west 5 chains, dividing it from an unnamed street ; southerly by a line dividing it from allotment  No. 1 of section 5, bearing south 57 degrees, east 5 chains; easterly by a line dividing it from allotments Nos. 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17, bearing north 33 degrees, east 5 chains 87 links to the Bathurst road ; anti northerly by that road to the north west corner of section No. 5, of the village of Hartley as aforesaid.

Promised by-Sir Richard Bourke, on the 24th March, 1834, to Mr. Pierce Collits, in whose  name the Deeds were advertised on the 17th December, 1838, but they are now at his request re-advertised. for Mrs. Morris.

Quit rent one farthing for ever

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser Saturday 8th May 1841 Page 4




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