ROSE INN -  where did it all begin?
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There is speculation that the original building was originally much smaller, as sketched above. It probably had 3 larger rooms across the front and 4 small inn size rooms plus an outside strangers room. A wall was probably built to divide the end room. Why do we think this?  There is a definite join in the sandstone walls at the front of the building and there is areas where windows have become door ways.  The 2nd chimney in the below image is not in the rooms however the top of the chimney remains.  The linings in the verandah are much wider than in the remainder of the building. Any one who has ideas or can contribute to this mystery would be welcome to provide some input.

The sketch here above  was done in 1920  and indicates that the western wall was falling down and had 4 buttress walls built to hold the sandstone walls up.

The western wall was rebuilt prior to 1960 as shown by the below architects image..

From 1920 though to 1960,  a lot of changes would have taken place.

The roof was replaced from the rough corrugated iron that had been laid over the original  timber shingles. 

Remnants of these shingles were found up the roof space.

The nails that are still in the roof were all hand made.

The rear section as it stands now probably had a verandah and was filled in when the renovations took place.

The verandah now contains a galley kitchen. The walls in the kitchen originally were sandstone, not rendered brick which indicates an external wall.


Edward Field Inn as at 1872, a year before it closed.   The roof was covered in corrugated iron sheets, the cook house stood behind the Inn and the stables can be seen behind the cookhouse.  Where the white horse stands is the walkway that lead to the cookhouse.

Note that the front fence bordered the sandstone slabs that form the verandah.  There is four  doors leading onto the front verandah, whereby now there is only three. There are four chimneys , but now there is only 3 fireplaces.

The main room of the Inn is directly behind the 3 seated on the horse trough. Cobb and Co sign is on the wall.